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Hi guys I have posted a couple of post now.Here is my situation I met this girl over a month ago and i really like her. We went on one date and it went great I have been texting her now for the last while and i asked her on a second date she seemed very interested. I asked her out this weekend she said to me she would love to if she not busy. I tried to pin down a day when she wasn't busy and she told me she wasn't sure what her plans were for the weekend so i said okay we will see what's happening then. Anyway I asked her out tonight she said that sounds great but she is very tired, I explained well its okay if your tired maybe another time, but she seemed keen and asked where we would we go I told her and she said yes that sounds great, she then ask me what time would I like to meet her for the date tonight , I replied with a time and then nothing not even a reply off her? so I am very confused because it seems one minute shes interested the next shes not very hot and cold she seem very laid back about the whole thing. Eventually after no reply I wasn't sitting in on a Friday night so I text again saying look if your not up for it its okay to say no, and still no reply? I need an outsider opinion on the situation and advice on how I should go about getting her out on another date?

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