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Finally Read "He's Just Not That Into You"

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I had not planned on reading this, had seen it talked about, and seen a couple posts here as well.


However my mum, bless her soul, saw it in an airport last week while travelling and read a couple chapters and "recognized" a couple of my exes in the pages and picked it up for me.


It was quite the light read, I read it in only about an hour or so (though I am quite a fast reader, so might take someone a couple hours +), and it was punctuated with humour amongst the very straightforward "advice". You also get a bit of his and her viewpoints.


I must say, despite it being a light read, it was a great little book! I had a couple of those "AHA!" moments while reading it. And did see some ex's in there as well, as male friends and family.


The author does say okay, maybe some men have some issues, but if they ARE into you they will overcome them or make actual attempts to overcome them. And that YOU as a woman, with all your FANTASTIC qualities and being the great person you are, you SHOULD NOT SETTLE for less than you deserve as you deserve a guy who IS into you!


I even added my own mum's review here for you all:


"It looked like a very light read, but with some good common sense advice (wake up and smell the coffee!!) that we can't always see for ourselves and that you would not likely listen to from friends or family. Certainly I could see men I knew in there. I liked the get over it, get rid of him, you are worth more and move on approach


I think all in all it would be empowering to a lot of women."


So, I DO recommend it for all girls/women out there who have found themselves in a pattern of relationships where they are feeling undervalued, unappreciated, where they have been cheated on, feel like they are doing all the work, are with guys who seem to not be able to decide to marry them, who mistreat them.


Empower yourself!

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I ordered the book online.

I have always believed that. Men give all excuses when they are not really interested.

My BF and I have been dating for 6 years and live together for one. Only now he agreed with marriage.

I have that nagging feeling he is not into me as I would like him to be. Even though he agreed to marriage next May, I was the one to push it, to ask for it, etc. He never fought for me. I never let him.

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