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when alone she is interested but when we're not....


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Okay. When its just me and this girl alone together she will be flirting with me and we'll be close and pretty much all over each other(not making out just flirtin and playin around).When we are with other people she will just distance herself and actually get a little violent. For instance we went to a movie with 3 other people on Saturday. We sit with them but we ended up bein all over each other and flirtin a lot and everything. We sat on the top roll and had the arm folded up so we could be close and stuff. Well when we leave the movie she doesnt walk with me or anything.She walks ahead of me and when i made a smart comment she came up and slapped me hard.We would always play fight and stuff even when we are alone but when we arent she will actually hurt me.Im not sure if shes looking for me to wrap her up to stop her from hittin me or to hold her hands or something or if she is tryin to distance herself and seem like she doesnt care about me. Also when we talk on msn we will usually both be nice and sweet.Its just when we are around a lot of people.So what should i do? Try to be distant or take what she is doing as playful?

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Did you do anything in the movies to provoke her? Did you make any advances on her that she didnt like?


Obviously it didnt feel playful to you, or you wouldnt be writing a post about it here. I would ask her why she hit you like that, and I would make it clear to her that you didn't like it. How many times has she done this?


I dont think anyone deserves to get hit. Ever. I dont care if a girl is talking trash on a guy or a guy is talking trash on a girl. Walk away. DO NOT TOUCH HER IF SHE HITS YOU SERIOUSLY LIKE THAT. That is a recipe for disaster.

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shes 14 ,san and iceman , shes done it before like i said we usually just play fight , but sometimes she hits hard like on the arm or something , but im sure she wasnt mad because she smiled and like skipped or something (i dont know shes a hyper person) I dont think i did anything in the movie to make her mad anything i did she would just seem to get closer or giggle.

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hey i hit guys sometimes...thats normally when they do something stupid but i dont hit them really hard...i dont no why she wount slap you really hard. If she dosent hang out with you in public, ever think maybe she dosent want people to know that she likes you. Or maybe she dosent like the whole pda thing. i wasnt for along time with any guy. But now im over that anyways i hope that you guys can figure this thing out. Best of luck!

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This girl is confusing. I think you need to talk to her. Tell her you don't like when she hits you, even if she is just messing around.


It seems like she likes you, otherwise she probably wouldn't be all over you. Maybe she's just shy about her feelings for you when you are around other people.


I think next time you are alone, and cuddling, you should ask her how she feels about you. Ask her if she has feelings for you, or if she only wants to mess around.

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She's fourteen, and you're twenty-one? That's a pretty large age gap there buddy. Um. Well...I know most girls don't like to show their emotion for the guy. I used to hit, and abuse the guy I last dated. Haha. I was horrible. I was also against PDA. So maybe you should ask her if she's okay with showing that you two are interested in each other to the public, and if she's comfortable with the age gap. Once again, I'm sure you already know, but that's a seven year age gap. I'm not sure what type of girl she is, but if she's concerned about what other people will portray her as, or call her for dating a twenty-one year old at fourteen, that might lead to something on why she would hit you like that in public. To throw off those who think she likes you. Though it is pretty obvious she does. Because a girl will do what she wants to do when no one else is around, and do what is expected of her in public. This, I think, goes for both genders.

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