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What could she be thinking and is i'm making the right move?

King james6

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Ok so basically I need you guys help, in this situation that I'm in I want to know I'm I making the right move and hopefully you guys can see what she's thinking and also will be a little long but who ever read this thank you. So there's this girl that I like and we're both in high school, she is a senior and I'm a junior and she will be graduating in June. We're both 17 but I will be turning 18 in April, so I started liking her in December and I stated to talk to her more, and I wasn't for sure if she was single or not so I just asked this girl that I see her with all the time she's a senior as well, so I asked her was her friend single and she told me that she was then she tells me that there not friends there cousins, I was a little shock to know they was cousins. So The next day I ask her to be my valentine she smiles and says yes, after that I have been testing things to see what's her reaction will be so one day at school I kissed her on the cheek and all she did was smile, and two days later I did it again she just blush and smile so I took that as a good sing, and I decided I need to talk to her cousin for help because this girl is stuff, so I asked her cousin would she put a word in for me she says yes I'll help you get her, I don't know what all she said but I know she told her that I like, she then tell me that the girl already knew I liked her so I was like okay cool I will just ask her to be my girlfriend on valentine day. I didn't know how I was going to get the money to get her something for valentine, but I'm a artist I love to draw and I draw a lot of things I decided that I can sell some of my drawings to get money, one of my teacher wanted the Michael Jackson picture I drew another teacher wanted the Derrick rose picture and they was willing to pay, I'm thinking great I already have customers but they left the building before I can even give it to them, so that really messed me up so I panic a little bit and before going straight home I went to different stores, showing what I had and what I was selling nun of them didn't want to buy and some of them so call didn't like drawings, that's when I really started to panic I'm thinking what I'm I going to get her when she is my valentine then, I came up with a idea that I can sell my jewelry that I don't were when I was trying to sell drawings was a week ago, when I started trying to sell my jewels was a day before valentine so I had one day left. We get out of school at 3:15pm and I don't make it home until 4:20pm and here in Chicago in the winter it gets dark outside fast it can be 3:00 in the evening and it's already dark and some stores close early in the winter, but this time when I made it home it was 4:40 and I was on my way to cash for gold and they close at 6:00, but I had to check the internet to see what buses I had to take to get out there so when I did leave the house it was 4:50, I was walking really fast so I won't miss the buses and I caught all two of them in time but when I caught the second one it was 5:00. The second bus was a long ride I thought I was never going to get to the place and it was almost 6:00 but surprisingly I made it to the store at 5:53. When I got there the lady checked the jewels but she told me it's stainless Steele but not metal so she couldn't buy them. At that point I was sad I didn't know what else to do stores was closing and I didn't even have money, my only option I had was to ask someone in my family for money and that was something I didn't want to do I wanted to make my own money, so as I was on the bus going home I let out a little tears because I felt that failure feeling I felt I fail to give the person I love something for valentine, as I got home I asked my aunt for money and she reach in her purse and pulled out a hand full of money with nothing but 20s, I thought to myself that I could have been came to her for the money but I was able to get my sweet heart something. I was afraid to ask her to be my girl face to face so I wrote it in a poem and gave it to her when I gave her the give, the next day which was yesterday i asked her did she read she said yes then I asked her did she like it she said yes, then I ask what's you answer she told me she would let me know and I don't understand why she can't tell me what the answer is, what could she be thinking but what I thinking of doing was to move on and be alone for now because she may never tell me I'm I making the right move by doing that.

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