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My ex and I sorta have a thing. We were NC for 3 years after a 2.5 year relationship. We reconnected before I left for school, and I'm happy to be her friend in the meantime with the possibility of more later on. We are still really good friends. A while ago, I sent her a present that never arrived. I assume that it was left outside her apartment door and stolen or a roommate took it. Anyway, I gave her something else that I made when I visited and she liked it a lot.


I sent her something on Valentine's Day, and she seemed lackadaisical about checking the mail. I finally persuaded her to check, only to find out that it didn't arrive yet. She got really quiet and said "You didn't really send it, did you?" I really didn't know how to respond. Eventually, she came to her senses about it. I don't know why she would think I wouldn't send it just to mess with her. Now it's been a few days and she doesn't seem to keen on checking her mail box. I'm a little ticked off because the least she could do is check for it. I'm not about to bug her about it though.


She's always been a sensitive girl, but since we've gotten reconnected she hasn't been showing it a lot. Sometimes she acts like things don't bother her. I respect the new persona she's building for herself, but I can't tell if she's being a or not.

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