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My feet are growing


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I have an appointment Monday to figure out why this is happening, because I spoke to the nurseline and it is NOT normal, just like I thought. But I've gone from a 6 1/2 in my early twenties to now pushing an 8. Yes I know they grow with pregnancy and weight gain, but my weight though yucky has been stable for a few years but my foot size has not been. It was a 7 then 7 1/2, now 8. It's annoying for one, but now I'm concerned what kind of medical reason could there be? Nothing else on me is growing strangly.

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Well, lots of factors can affect that.


For example, you can get water retention in your feet from hormones or b.c. pills. Your ligaments also soften when your pregnant so that your pelvic bones can 'stretch' to accommodate the baby, and looser ligaments mean your feet can spread out. it is very common for women's feet to grow a size or size and half after a pregnancy due to that.


Bunions can affect shoe size as well and heel spurs and even large corns on your heel or the ball of your foot.


also, each shoe size change is only about 1/8th of an inch. So your foot 'growth' is only a bit more than 1/4th of an inch. Also keep in mind that shoe styles change a lot. I remember when the style was super pointy shoes i had to go to a larger size because i have a wide foot that wouldn't cram into a pointy toe. So your choice of shoe and even the brand of shoe can be impacted.


And finally, fallen arches can do that... that is one condition that medically they can provide you with special inserts for your shoe to 'restore' a more normal arch.

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I'm starting to think my arches are falling, I don't wear arch support shoes very often and I stand at work periodically. I used to have high arches, basically my foot looked like an arch and never came close to touching the arch supports in shoes. I'll have to look at it and see if that's still the case, from heel to ball it was one big arch.


I do know that shoe sizes vary slightly, but these are shoes I have owned for a year or two that are getting too small and ruining all my socks. It's annoying but if there's a problem I guess I should have it addressed.


FYI - I'm not on any birth control nor can I be.

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Well I went to the foot specialist and now she thinks I may have a growth hormone or pituitary problem. So I'm going to lab tomorrow for a few tests. She did say during the exam that with metapause there can be some growth, she came up with this other thing after the fact.

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