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when i was younger i was raped

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okay it all happened when i was 10 my cousin every time i went over to my aunt and uncles for a birthday party our chritmas our any thing....he was there...he would take me in his room and yea i think ya know what im getting at............ and know im 16..... it stoped like 2 years ago.... because he got a girlfriend....thank god..... but im just afraid like if he dumps his girl friend if he will do it again...... and im afraid of telling any one cuz im scared......what should i do.........please help........

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The first thing you will absolutely need to do is seek counseling from a professional. Your experience, if untreated, can leave you broken and can lead to many other issues. You can go see your school counselor, teacher, or anyone you're comfortable talking to, and they can help lead you in the right direction. I assume you're not comfortable talking with your parents about this, since you have not told them. If you're concerned about them knowing, most counselors have to keep things confidential, however in your case, there could be some legal issues involved. At any rate though, your first objective is to get yourself into counseling with a professional.


I'm sure there are other groups on the internet who can also help you deal with your situation, as it is unfortunately quite common. Try a search on google and type in "sexual abuse survivors" and I'm sure you can find additional help.

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You cant just keep this to urself. You need to tell somebody if you believe that it should be a professional or a mentor you have to get this out. This can cause dramatic effects on future relationships and it can especially effect the kind of guys u attract, in other words if this is left untreated then you can be dramatically effected for the rest of ur life. When it comes down to it you need to tell your parents about this, its something thats not acceptable and they need to know that they shouldnt put u in a situation where this can happen to you again. If you arent quite comfortable talking with them yet then you do need to seek counseling for this. You need to talk it out and get out this feelings you have inside of you.

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Nexty07, I agree with Chai. Take his advice. I also wanted to add one more thing. I know that this might be tough, but sometimes, it's important to forgive, but don't forget. It's so hard for me to explain, but what I'm getting at is, if you walk around living life with a grudge, it will literally weigh you down. I know. It's really tough to face your perpetrator, and say, "I forgive you." You don't have to say that to his face, but keep it to yourself. It's really tough, and it takes a heck of a lot to forgive, but that's one of the ways to move on.


I'm sorry that this had to happen to you. It's worse when it's a family member, but realize that what you went through is not your fault at all. Make it your driving force to become stronger. I have to be honest with you, it is really common these days, unfortunately. But at least you still have today to live, right? So that it's important to put the past where it belngs, so that you can carry and live a happy life. You still can. Just know that. The past doesn't have to be the death of you. It only makes you stronger. I had a life changing experience. I met these orphans, and this is what I learned. Other people have it bad, if not, worse. Some of the orphans that I met were crippled, and still got raped. So, whenever the pain does feel endless, tell yourself that some people have it worse. Perhaps you can also make it an incentive to fight back, be strong, so that one day, you can help out victims like them too. I feel your pain. Remember: Be strong. I hope this helps. Hang in there...

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