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This is soo sad, but it is my story

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I met the love of my life on the internet in a chat room. Nothing overly unusual about that on the surface. I was awoken one morning (july 15, 1997) at 430 am with a driving desire to go sign on and look for a person I had recently met in a chat room, I felt it was a life or death matter. She saw me come on and quickly signed off, reason unknown to me at that time so I went back to bed. The next day I signed on and we talked, and she broke down and told me she was going to commit suicide that night then saw me sign on and felt there was still more life to live. She told me her story, and now I will relate it to you. On Jan 11, 1997 an her way home from the grocery store, a drunk driver in a construction truck ran a stop sign and hit her head on. Although the extent of her injuries was unknown to both of us at that time, they were severe and permanent. She was a nurse and had been for 25 years when the acident occurred and nursing was her life, which because of her injuries she lost completely. Her husband, and her mother did not care or understand the extent of her injuries, and if say she fell in the middle of the floor they would just leave her there and walk around her.

We talked about it and because of what I felt was this mistreatment, we decided I would come and get her and she would stay with me, to recover. When I got her I had to physically carry her to the car as she couldn't take more than 2-3 steps without falling flat on her face, it was as if every muscle in her body would just relax all at once and she would drop like a brick. I spent the next 6 months teaching her how to walk again. Keep in mind the accident was in Jan and I took possession of her in Aug. so obviously her family was NOT helping at all. It was like raising a child, everything needed to be retaught. After she could get around with a cane, I found a cashier in the local grocery store who would work with me. I would give my little lady enough cash to buy the groceries in the cart and make myself scarce. The cashier would take the money from her, and count out one coin at a time then 1 dollar at a time, so my lady could learn to count money make change and be semi independent again.

As things went along we fell more and more in love. we were perfect together for 5 years EVERYTHING was perfect. I wish I could say another man came along she loved more, or another woman came along I loved more, but such is not the case. First let me talk about her injuries, She has an incomplete spinal cord injury (non repairable) that causes significant pain, and frontal lobe brain damage, those are the 2 main things, though there are many more minor things.

Eventually along come this Dr. that we thought had all the answers. He put her on a drug called Methadone. This is a synthetic heroine, used for pain. Now all of a sudden little problems start occurring, and as the dosage increases the problems grew slowly (without our realization) until finally 4 months ago when they raised dosage yet again. 2 Months ago she left and moved out while I was at work. She says the last 2 months she became afraid of me. Nothing (other than the drug) had changed in our relationship. Yes the drug caused many changes in her, lack of desire for sex, she slept most all day and night, and etc. We still talk on a daily basis and are quite friendly, she tells me how she loves me and misses me, but cannot come back to me because she was so scared of me. I assure you, unless it has something to do with the meds she has no reason to be scared of me, and I do want her back. The Dr. down there once again raised the dosage of methadone, and I feel each time this happens, she drifts further into this hallucinatory fantasy world, but do not know how to make it stop. I would love to get her back, and get her off the heroine, so we can still be the happy loving couple we were. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. She will not come back, or stop the heroine usage she says, but yet tells me she loves me misses me and can't live without me, but needs time to prove she can make it on her own. This ends month 2 with month 3 just starting. Help me if you can

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She'll need to get into a drug treatment program. She's basically become an addict now with all the unfortunately things that accompany it. Frankly I've never heard of using methadone for pain management. I think that doctor you found should lose his license and you should sue the crap out of him.


You might try an intervention where you and her friends and family all corner her and confront her about the problem. I've heard that this can shock the person into realizing they have a problem.


I'd also contact the medical review board in the area you are located in and tell them everything. You might also contact the attorney general and clue them in on what happened.


Good luck. I'm sorry this drug has done such damage to your love and your relationship.

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I don't know about methadone, but heroin makes people paranoid. I had this prof who was put on heroin (perhaps methadone) when he had his bypass, and he became paranoid, thinking that his friends and family hated him.


She certainly should try to see another doctor.

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