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So there's this girl I like...


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The last time I hung out with a girl physically in the same state as me, remotely close to where I live was back in 1999. Now, there is this girl that lives in the same town as me, a block from my friend's house. I met her when I saw her walk to the park by my friend's house. Anyway, I got her number etc. and now we've been hanging out with each other. We hug when we meet, joke around with each other and all that good stuff. Well, we hung out 2 days ago before she went on vacation, we were talking and I asked her about her and her boyfriend and she told me "no boyfriend" which shocked me b/c they were going out last week. So we went to Wal-Mart (she was buying girlie things) when we interlocked arms, sometimes we'd put our arms around each other. (Even my best friend's mom noticed tbat she was flirting with me). Now, she kinda knows how I feel about her. From what it sounds does she like me? or is she just flirting with me because she's a flirty kinda girl? I'm all confused. Since I've met this girl she drives me crazy (in a good way).



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She might have an idea about how you feel but typically with females they wont act like they know till you expressly tell them. I am not saying that you should tell her, continue to do the things that you are doing. Chill with her and have a good time, it looks like things are progressing in the right direction.


However you do not need to allow her to drive you crazy, DO NOT hype her up in your mind. This is only going to lead to attachment which at this stage you dont want since you only have a friendly relationship.

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