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My ex "accidentally" texted me. Was it really an accident?


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My ex texted me recently but it was like a response to someone else's text. We havnt talked in months so i dont know how that was on accident. My text thread could not be near any recent texts he has gotten.


We didnt really end well so I was surprised hed still have my number!


Do guys do this? Do you think he did it to get attention or was it really an accident?

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Maybe on the contacts list your name starts with the same letter as the person he was meant to contact, and he clicked on you by accident?


You could text back "wrong number" and see what happens? If he strikes up a conversation then maybe it was deliberate? Depends if you really want to go back there though...

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You can't possibly know if it was an accident or not. You have reasons to believe it wasn't, but also.. It could b 50/50 we don't know your ex, you are the best judge of that... But I know some people do this "accidentally" to get into a convo with the ex... I can somehow feel when it's an accident and when it's not. Like I had an ex call me up, saying my name, and when we should meet and I was like "Uh, what?" and then he was like "I'm so sorry, wrong number" and I could definetely feel that was genuine and awkward for him as well, so he didn't call me up on purpose. I don't know, I can just sense stuff like that

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