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"Give me a call sometimes" but when?

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okay...so it seen like me and my ex g/f is kinda sorta talking again but taking it slow....we talked this morning and it went pretty well. At the end of the conversations as we both are letting each other go for our day's businesses she said well, give me a call sometimes...how long should i wait to call her back, tonight? wait it out for couple of days? any advises

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The give me a call sometime line doesnt really mean to give her a call. Its just one of those things that people say. Although you might want to get back with her unless she shows that she wants to get back together communicating with her more will only hurt you by making you think that you two will get back together. This means that she has to initiate and if she doesnt then you just have to move on. In other words you need not to call.

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