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girls ...


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some question for/about girls...


Do you look/glance (regurarly) only at guys you like?


Do you get scared if the request for a 'date' comes to early (like in the first few minutes of knowing each other) ??


Do you always smile at a guy you are glancing at (one that you like) or can it be you don't dare to smile??



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hehe FUN questions!


well for me, I ALWAYS glance regurarly at the guy of my fancy i try not to make it obveious though


Umm, I have never had a "date on request" like that. So i'm not too sure. I think i would be VERY flattered but it depends whether i have an instant connection with the guy in mind.


NO i dont, i try to either look the other way if he catches my eye, blush, or gve him the evils(???) i don't know why i do that ut i just do


hehe, thats been fun, i hope ive been some help

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>Yes, i glance/look at guys I like...typically, they are pretty easy on the eyes and i like when a handsome man is so handome that he catches my eye.


>A date request too early indicates to ME: creepy stalker vibe


>I like to smile anyway, but yes, I usually throw a cute/coy smile at the guy I'm scoping out...just to see if it is reciprocated...


Good question...

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Ok basically I ALWAYS smile at him when he looks at me and when he starts to look into my eyes for a while (5 secs or more) I have to look away I get scared for some reason... and I don't think i would be scared if a guy asked me out after just meeting him I mean it would be flattered but i wouldnt go through with it just because i would think its a joke or something.. you know? anyways yeah i got to go i hoped I helped.

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1 Yes, normally..right now I like a guy and I always glance his way. I like to give him attention, because, everybody loves attention. And I know he does.


2 If a guy asked me out only a few minutes of talking to them? It would depend. If I knew them for a while longer than that, like I know people that know him, etc, then I would probably give it a shot. If it's just some random guy I met, then I'd be a bit creeped. I preffer knowing at least a small amount of background info about guys I'm dating.


3 Also depends. If he's someone that I like from afar. Someone that I don't really know, but just adore attraction-wise, then I probably won't smile or give any notation that he has any significance in my life. If he is someone I know though, and I want him to know I have feelings for him.. I would smile at him. Have fun. Make jokes. Strike up conversation whenever possible.

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yeah sure i glance at the guys i like.....sometimes i dont even realize it and i start to stare at them lol i dont mean to but it just happens sometimes lol


i dont get scared at the request of a date unless the guy has been a real horn dog to me in the time ive known him


if im staring at a guy i dont normally smile unless he catches me looking at him then i smile and walk away


lol i hope this helps!

good luck!

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