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what does it mean when a guy says he can't trust his self?


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I told him I feel like he can't even trust women.


Not sure what this sentence means.


As for him saying he can't even trust his self, not knowing the given context it could be taken a couple of ways. Do you mean he is saying he is saying something that won't hold him accountable for his actions?


More information is needed please.

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It means you shouldn't be with him.


You posed a major concern - your feeling he cannot trust women. He didn't deny that. So why do you even feel that way?


Even without clarity on whether or not his second sentence means he cannot trust anyone or he doesn't think he can be faithful or something else, you seem to sense that he has a bad attitude towards women. Not a good sign.

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First sentence seems (to me), to mean that he has a bad perspective about women, believing we'd lie or whatever low-moral act.

Second sentence seems (to me), to mean that he cannot control himself around other women, likely to be having sex with them.


Even if it's not what I think he means, it doesn't sound good for whatever translation there is. He needs to work some things out. And if your gut feeling is trying to say something, then go with it. Almost never wrong.

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Trust doesn't come easy with some people, especially if they have trust issues but that doesn't mean they trust NOONE it simply means they've gone through a lot in life and had to deal with numerous people who invalidated their trust. They might become cynical and a skeptic but thats simply the person adapting to his/her experiences that many people had the luxury of not facing that much of.


Someone saying they can't trust themselves pretty much means they have a weak willpower and will give into temptation regardless of what it is. Or it could in the off chance mean the person is not in the state of mind to be able to make proper decisions i.e delusional, drunk, makes bad decisions etc...

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Ok this is kinda messed up when we had this conversation I directly asked him what his feelings were for me.he keeps bringing up his past relationship with his ex which ended 3 years ago.I keep waiting for him to get over her and I asked him who is it that he loves.he got silent and I said I think think you cant trier women anymore and he said he couldn't even trust his self.he.tells me all the time he doesn't cheat that he is a one women guy.

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