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Wrong time to seek a relationship?


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Hey everyone... thanks for reading. So I've recently quit my job to start my own business. No, this is not a pipe dream. I'm a college grad, have the financing, experience, etc. Anyway... Been working hard to get to this point, and there's some fun stuff that's going to happen. First I need to sell my house, then put my stuff in storage. After that I'll be looking to purchase some property and start on the business full steam ahead. Well I might travel for a bit first. While I certainly can do this on my own, I always imagined someone there by my side... to help keep the energy flowing... Someone to help me out, build this business and life together, start a family, etc. Doing this stage of my life by myself seems wrong in some way... at the same time, where the heck am I going to find someone willing to drop everything they are doing and run away with me? So the problem is I'm distracted. Splitting my time between starting my business and finding a woman seems stupid, right? Should I just give up completely on finding this elusive partner? I also worry about building this business and then finding someone who is interested in me and not the money. Arrrggghhh...



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If you try to woo a great woman while building a business, you're going to shortchange one or the other. Just date recreationally for now to keep your skills sharp. (Leaving open the possibility for more if you somehow accidentally stumble accross Ms. Perfect a little early.) Once you can afford to take your eye off the business for a bit, get serious about finding your woman.

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Hi Kevin


I feel for you, honestly. But not only is it unrealistic to hope that someone is going to drop everything to run away with you, it is also expecting the wrong kind of woman to come along. Do you really want someone who is going to drop everything they've been working for to achieve your dream? Unless it's someone who shares the same dream as you, then I don't think you're going to find a suitable travelling partner in the near future




I'd see that as a good thing. Think about it - you'll be able to travel alone and "find yourself". Meet amazing people on the way, maybe even a special someone will appear on your travels. I love the thought of travelling alone - although I have been advised against it due to my structure, lack of survival skills and lack of self defense skills haha.

It would be extremely liberating to just go wherever you feel like going - with no one else to consult or argue with about prices/places that they are not keen on. I think what you're doing is awesome though. Good luck

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Oh Kevin, it's so good to see you on here. Email me sometime at my old email ok? Lets catch up.

Anyway, I think it's great what you're doing and I'm proud of you. I don't think you should give up on finding a partner--I think you can pursue both things at once. I think the whole life change may be a bit of a challenge but it'll pay off in the end.

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