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Well, I just noticed 2day that all the commercials and stuff for Christmas are starting to come out(decorations, sales, ...) At first I was really happy cuz I thought"finally, something happy", but then I got all sad...See, the thing is, I used to love Christmas, but for the las 2 years, I get all happy and stuff before Christmas, but when we finally get to be the 24th I get all sad and depressed. I feel empty and alone...everyone around me(family, friends...) have bf/gf and are all happy while I'm stuck with my sister and brothers...not that I don't love'em, but, it's just not the same...I actually beeived at some point during the summer that I wouldn't be stuck alone this year(finally) cuz I had a bf..but we broke up a whike ago...I'm cool with that now, but I don't like the idea of spending another Christmas alone.

Does anyone feel like this?....Any ideas as to what I could do so Christmas wouldn't be so depressing?


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I hate all holidays. I used to look forward to them as a kid and even into my early 20's, but I haven't had an enjoyable holiday in years. Last Xmas I spent by myself with no family or friends around. This xmas, pretty much the same thing. Thankfully its only like 2 days of BS.



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i know the exact feeling

the anticipation of xmas brings many happy feelings

but when you realize you have no one "special" to spend it with

it is a major drag

xmas doesnt have to be someone "special"

like a bf or gf

you should try spending it with a really good friend

or even someone you kinda like

that is a major help

believe me i did it

just go out, decorate stuff

heck it might even improve your relationship with that person

i hope this helps

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