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10 weeks NC. His best friend just texted me.

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The first few weeks of were NC were so hard but I've been doing very well lately. I'm hoping to move to another city for a new job soon. My ex hasn't been the main thing on my mind the last two weeks. It feels great!


Well, I got a text about an hour ago from his best friend. I didn't know who it was at first because I deleted his best friends number on the day I went NC, the same time I deleted my ex's number.


He said, "Are you out to play tonight?" I just said "Who's this?" and he replied saying "It's [ex's best friends name]" He's probably drunk. I don't have a clue why he's texting me. He was never really my friend. It's bugging me now and I keep thinking what possessed him to text me. I was doing so good and now this happens...

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Well the good thing is it is NOT your ex! True it is someone from your ex's "world," but take it as a compliment that you were liked and are now most likely missed.


Also, I was just thinking, you should really round up some numbers to have blocked. Being contacted will just set you back. I blocked my stb ex husband, any friends numbers and his family on my AT&T plan on some "smart limits" thing they have. Not a single phone call, it is like putting a nail in the coffin. Definitely do this through whoever your carrier is, or get a new number, and you won't have to worry again.

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