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On/Off Relationship for 10 years

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Can it lead to marriage?

Does it usually work out?


My ex is back with (engaged) this girl he has been in a on and off relationship for about 10 years. I am in a little bit of a shock when he told me that they have been in an on and off relationship for about 10 years now.


Is there a possibility it will work out?

Is there a possibility it will fail?


What are your thoughts/experiences in this area of life


Thank you so much for your input

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It's hard to generalize or give probabilities. It depends a lot on why they separated, whether they've grown in the process, and how often it's happened. Sometimes there were legitimate differences and they took some time apart, overcame it, and are stronger for it. Other times couples are just codependent and keep getting back together because it's familiar and they can't stand being alone. But at a certain point the larger the number of breakups, the less stable it will be.

I gather this is an ex from more than 10 years ago, or did you date during one of their breakups?

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