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I just cannot forget about her

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I finally got a chance to speak to my ex and tried my best to convince her that we can still work things out, but she really did not want to take me back. According to her, she couldnt remember the moments that we had and all her feelings for me just faded....



Ok, we got that straight and I decided to just leave her be, maybe she can find out on her own if she really wants to get back with me. Well It was a week without any contact (phone and email) when I get a phone call from her late evening. She did not sound too well and she sounded like she was crying, I asked her how she was and asked her why she called me up. She said that she was just checking on me to see how I was and then all of a sudden all the memories that I was trying to forget just came flooding in.... Now I am a complete mess and I thought I was already moving forward with my life but now I am unsure again....

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gee. that's a tough one. I've been there many times before, and from what i've learned your instincts are usually right. Most people don't act on them because they are unsure, but at a primal level it's almost always right. I'd just be blatantly honest with her and tell her how you feel, and see if she feels the same way too. Women are completely illogical. They say that we give off mixed signals, but what they don't realise is that men analyze things alot more logically and with less detail, so we tend to miss subtle hints that they give us. The only problem is that we pick up on ones that they don't even know they're sending. That's why half the time the jerk at the bar goes home with the beautiful woman that he blatantly hits on because when the woman senses the testosterone the hidden signals she gives off turn into impulses and she feels compelled to do it, or at least that's what i've observed.

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Honestly, you shouldn't talked to her about your little romance in your past from the very beginning. It will just get worse, and trust me I was in your situation before, except my ex-boyfriend never called me back which made me more depress and insignificant, but it seems she does care for you still because why would she call you ? Talk to her privately and settle the situation with her, but if its just one of those pathetic feeling "I thought I want you back," then probably watching the movie "Spun" should cheer you up, very comical movie. Laughter makes everything go away, trust me.

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