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Hi all,

I met this grl this past saturday for the first time after i met her and got her # at a club. I think the date went great...anyone watching us would've thought so too...we were holding hands...talking about relationships, past relationships...what not...anyway at the end i asked her if she wants to come over my place and hang out but she said maybe on monday not tonite...so i said that sounds good ...i gave her a hug, a lil kiss on the cheeks, we went home, i talked to her that night for 10 minutes b/c i wanted to make sure she got home alright. anyway, yesterday (Sunday) i called her to talk about monday plans and she didn't pick up or return my message. I thought maybe she was sleeping and will return my message today but she didn't even do that. I remember one time when we were talking she said she likes persistent guys and then a few sentences later, she said she doesn't like the nagging type. What is the fine line between the two? why are grls so CONFUSING? should i call her tonite or wait for her to return my message at the very least? any advice would be appreciated. PLEASE IF YOU READ THIS, GIVE ME ANY ADVICE. I WILL SINCERELY APPRECIATE ANY ADVICE. thanks everyone.



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Wait. If she did not call you back, don't go chasing after her. Show a little restraint.


We do not want people who chase after us like puppy dogs. It's fine for dogs to wag their tails and ask for attention, but people are not so simple. We don't do it and don't react well to those who do it toward us.


We want people that make us feel good, while they remain independent and aloof. Callign her will make you seem clingy or needy, not independent.

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I like reading these posts about women being confusing! XD lol


Honestly, the girl could be busy, or maybe she got your call but didn't call you back straight away because you have just met, she's not going to drop what she is doing! There are hundreds of reasons, she might have been out, had a problem with her phone etc etc


I'd let it drop about her coming over on Monday, if she doesn't reply, wait a few days and call suggesting that since you couldn't get together Monday, maybe sometime next weekend would be better.

This is not nagging, however it shows that you are persistent and who knows, maybe it was an honest mistake and she'd love to get together with you somtime.

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skyteph has soemthing to what she says.


There could be reasons for her not calling, or she could just not have done so. Calling, calling and calling makes you seem too eager. Never calling again gives you no chance, unless she calls you. If you give it some time, there is nothing wrong with trying later. But don't be in a rush, maybe not even to make it happen this week.


Sometimes women change their minds.

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Doesn't seem like she's too interested in you. Maybe your approach was too direct and it could have possibly frightened her. It is true that women like men who are persistent but not the desperate stalker-ish kind. Play it out a few days and wait for her to call YOU back. If she doesn't, then I guess it's not in your cards.


Good Luck!

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my feeling in this type of situation is: If she wants to go out with me she will call. If she doesn't call that means she doesn't want to go out with me and thereforeeee I don't want to go out with her so I don't care. But then I can't stand it after a few days so I'd end up phoning again but that would be the absolute last time.


So I'd say wait a day or two and phone one last time.

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