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my story that hurts my heart every time i think ple help

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i really need help i have been so depressed i need some help from who ever to me i had the best relationship in the beginning i like the girl cause she was the sweatest thing in the world i have been with her for 3 years when i met her she would do anything to be with me and i would do anthing to be with her couldn't nobody break us up but her family didn't like me mother, father uncle,aunt nobody in her family but she still wanted to be with me her family didn't like me cause i didn't have a job are wasn't in school so i did what ever i could got in school got a job every thing they wanted so i could have this girl i went to her dad told him who i was he said he respect that so every thing was cool 1 day her aunt carla cault me and her in my room we wasn't even having sex but they made her move away were she moved my sister stead right by were she was stayin so i wasn't trippin i talk to her every day but after she came back she didn't listen she stop callin and every thing went wrong she cursed like she was a pirate and she keep doing all this stuff for several months and it made me so upset i told her i could not do it any more i said i no longer want anything to do with her she cried and calls me every day talkin about how she loves me and can we go back to ghether i told her n and hung up on her now her mom no longer lets her use the phone so i have no way to talk to are see her i miss her so much my heart hurts when i think about her i tried to call her her mom says stop callin she can't talk to you i now she still care cause she told my mom she loves me and miss me but her mom makes her stay in the house and she can't use the phone so i no longer no what to do i just want to die who ever read this i wish you new me and her so that yall would have new how are relationship was i new her for 9 years and went with her for 3 now i can't see are talk to her my heart fills like it is going to bust someone please help

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Hey Guy,


You're feeling kind of lost right now, I gather. Sort of frustrated because you're obviously in love, but you're being blocked. It seems that your girl likes you too, but the problem isn't her.


If you two really love each other, you'll find a way. Be creative. Heck, you went to school for her, and that's a very respectable thing to do! You might think about going to more school, like some kind of job training or a local college (for your own benefit, look into improving your english skills too). That shows you to be a serious guy, and will help you find direction in the long run. And, of course, it may be part of the obstacle that you face with her family. Make something out of yourself and good stuff can happen.

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