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I'm not sure if he likes me..

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Okay there is this guy that I like that I met threw a good friend and he is the kind, inteligent, funny, not too perfect but great to hang around type person. I've met up with him when friends are out and such but I never got his number and he never got mine. He works at the same place as another guy I know and he knows about my most recent crush which failed misrably and I got rejected on saturday.. I realized the other guy was not who I thought he was and this made me realize how kind this other guy is. But I'm really too shy to tell him..

I went into his work today to say hello and get lunch since he works in a coffe shop and we chatted briefly. I asked him how come he wasn't at the halloween party and he told me he had been ill and was still ill.

Going back to last week I saw him on the train and we were talking about stuff and I told him that I liked someone.. but at the time I wasn't sure if I liked him so I told him about the other guy. Have I really messed up?

Even though I wanted to get to know him I'm really scared I made an idiot out of myself. He stood up so I huged him (genrally as friends do) and said I'd see him soon.

I've seen him a few times at the coffee shop when I went there with my friend. He's genrally a nice person so it's hard to tell if he is just being a friend or if he likes me and I'm scared of being rejected again. What should I do?

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okay first off quite worrieing about it. If he likes you then you are the only one that will be able to do the rejecting, unles you ask him out, but I advise against this totaly. next, If he asks you out then he asks you out, if not then no sweat, find some other persone to hang around like that, but if you really want him to ask you out then I suggest a littel flattery. If you flurt with him , and he can tell that your flurting with him, or that you really like him, then more than likely he will ask you out. take it from me B/C I'm a man too.

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I think he is probably quite confused. If he did/does like you, then you telling him you liked another guy would have put him off. I think you should bite the bullet and ask him out. If he says no at least you will know and wont keep torturing yourself with 'what ifs'.

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I'm really worried about being rejected again.. I would love to tell him that I like him but considering how my self confidence is at the moment is it really the right time to be saying 'I like you' when I've just recently been rejected? Won't it just seem like I'm chosing him as second best? I don't see him other then by going into his work and seeing him or if I see him randomly around town or at a friends party etc.. I was all for the 'not saying anything and seeing how it goes' or just telling him that I like someone but I'm to nervios to tell him and maybe he would catch on?

I thought maybe I could ask him if he wanted to meet up for a drink at the weekend but I've been ill the last few days and I haven't been at college so my chances of seeing him until friday are none, since he works in the town where my college is. I also have to work friday so I can't go and see him then either. Maybe I should go and say hi on monday? I don't know... I don't want him to get the wrong idea about me..

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