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what should I do about this female question mark?


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There's this girl that I'm getting a little closer to that just got out of a relationship about three months ago. She seems interested because she asks me to do things with her, but I hear things like she's a tease. Someone told me that they were supposed to go out(this guy asked her out) and she canceled on him at the last minute. She didn't try to make another date either. She says she couldn't stand her exboyfriend, but he still calls her. The other day he came by and picked her up from her job. One time we were just talking and he called and she started speaking to him, but didn't stay on the phone long. She turned around to me and said with a little laugh "Guys and their B.S." I asked her what she meant by that and she hesitated and then said "They got head problems". One time we got caught up talking about laundry and she mentioned she would sometimes go to his house(when they were together they lived with his mother) and do laundry and sometimes take a nap in her old room. He lives LONG way from her apartment. We were supposed to hang out 2 days ago and we didn't because she worked all day and went searching for a new apartment(with her female friend that was close to me as well). That's understandable. It's just that I called her the day we were going out and we spoke for like three minutes and she said she'd call back. I haven't heard from her since. Should I pursue her or just forget about her and find someone else?

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