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week erection and premature ejaculation


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I am 29 years old, 5'10", 80kg, and a healthy man. I used to get erected like a rock and my ejaculation time was about 10 minutes. My penis used to get hard by just looking at some sexy girl and not used to leak fluid until some serious situation. Then I got addicted of cyber (internet) sex in 2000, I used to chat like 3-5 hours a day doing just stupid cyber sex. I did that stupidity for couple of months but it screwed by sex ability big time. I stopped cyber sex after about six months but after that whenever I see a sexy girl or sexy movie, my penis started leaking instead of getting hard. I know its normal to leak some fluid after getting horny but mine started leaking without getting hard.


Now I get erection most of the time but some time I don't. Sometime my penis gets hard enough to penetrate easily but other times I have to use liquid and hand support to penetrate. I am also experiencing premature ejaculation problem, I used to enjoy sex for about 10 minutes but now with the help of few stops and starts, it goes from 3 to 5 minutes maximum.


I consulted physician here and he suggested me Viagra. I didn't like it at all as it gives me headache and feels very unnatural. I am wondering if you have any suggestion to cure my problem?


Much Appreciated!!!

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What you can do is excercise ur PC muscle by doing contracting and relaxing it for about 100-200 reps per day. Not only will this give you a much firmer erection, it will also increase bloodflow to the area and you will also be abel to control yourself and extend your love making sessions. Your partner will definitely enjoy a more firm erection as well as your new overtime gain.


Another thing you would want to do, is take vitamins if you don't already do so and make sure they contain ginko and ginseing. Hope that helps.

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Yeh Angelus is right. The PC (aka pelvic floor) is the one you use to prevent fluid leaving inadvertently. Its a voluntary muscle, but if it becomes weak you get fluid leakage. The PC muscle exercises (aka kegels) will help prevent this and are good for overall health.


As for hardness, remember these factors:

Bad for erection:

Cold environment

Alcohol in your system

Some (but not all) soft/hard/recreational drugs

Having recently masturbated past orgasm (ie in the last day)

Lots of orgasms over the past few days (ie 3 orgasms every day for 3 days = bad (unless you're young, then its ok))


Stress (work / relationship / financial etc etc)

No direct physical contact with the penis

Prostate problems


So if you came twice today already, have had a few drinks and try to have sex in a cold room, you're gonna have some trouble. Try to cut out all these factors.


As for premature ejaculation, there's a number of techniques...

#1 (imo) is stop before you get to orgasm, rest, then start again - (the stop-start method). Stop as soon as you get the feeling your gonna come - aka the link removed. This is the simplest way to prolong sex.

#2 is to RELAX your pc / pelvic floor muscle all the way through sex. Kegels help build the muscle, but if you squeeze it during sex, you'll go to orgasm quicker. RELAX it and keep it relaxed to delay orgasm.


Where's your pelvic floor muscle? Here:


link removed


Also don't be afraid to use 'hand support' to penetrate! Remember the penis needs constant direct physical contact to stay hard. May the horn be with you ...

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