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Blind date "HELP!"


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hi all,


my sister is setting me up with a blind date, which for some stupid reason i have accepted. My sister said she is V attractive so this in a way...has made me even more nervous.


You see the problem is i am absoultly (PROFANITY DELETED BY MODERATOR) myself, lol coz this would be the first ever date EVER for me and i know im going to screw it up. I am incredably shy and i know the conversation is going to go terrible as im going to lock up after saying the usual "how are you, what are you into" questions and i KNOW it will just be one fo those silent conversations.


The problem is not only am i shy, i havent really spoke to anyone my age for about 13 months (i left school, whent to work and for about a year i havent been out with mates once) so its hard to believe but i have.....forgotten what 17 year olds talk about so.....if anyone could give me some pointers as i dont want to talk about the wather or crap (ok ok, i work with old people!)


pleeeeeeeeeeeeease advice needed




Thank you!


P.S where is the best place for this date? i dont want it too formal



Thanks again

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Just laugh and have fun, that's people want on a first date. For first dates you don't necessarily have to get into any in-depth conversation about some important issue. Actually, it's probably best you don't. Especially politics or any other controversial topic. Just ask her open-ended questions to find more out about her, and then work with that. If she asks you questions, do that same. It's not very difficult once you get the hang of it. I remember on my very first date, I was pretty uptight and nervous. Usually I had NO problem talking to guys, but when it came down to a date I has no clue. Then, I just started to let loose and have fun, and that's all it took. Smile and make her laugh; However, don't try too hard... Then things seem weird. Good luck!

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I don't have any specific advice for you except try not to appear nervous, smile and make direct eye contact, and ask her questions about herself and provide information about yourself, as well.


However, I recently had a blind date that went AWESOME, and thought I'd share it with you:


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going for coffee or a softdrink at starbucks or cafe where you can sit down is good because its cheap and you can always chat about the cafe and the customers if you can't think of anything to talk about.


"how are you, what are you into"


"what are you into" is the key as you can then ask you date further questions about there interest - get them to explain them to you if you don't understand them - if you're lucky you're share an interest then you can chat loads about that!


Make sure you talk about yourself as well if you don't get asked any questions about yourself.


If it looks like thats going to run out of steam you can always talk about your job ask about hers or school / college whats she studying - you can say what you like about you job etc. or why you hate it and have to get a new one!

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