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  1. Troll, I know you stated at the end of your post that people can't comprehend of your situation, but this is really not true. I was in your situation, to proove it you can search my old threads I made over 2 years ago. I was depressed and suicidle and one of the main factors was I felt I was going to be single forever, and it's something I really did not want to happen. Once I started thinking of a positive outlook on life, got myself sorted and I started attracting people to me. I then met a beutiful person at my work place who recently joined and we have been dating for almost 6 months now. Never say never, you really don't know what's going to happen in the future.
  2. I agree with Cayden, Best you can do in this situtation is to give her some notice say 2 weeks - a month at max and tell her she either has to pay some upkeep or leave. If she does get a job and start paying upkeep, let her know that you don't want her living with you and that she will need to leave. Give her deadline, say a couple of months so it gives her time. If you don't you may find her staying with you a long time.
  3. I understand completely what you say. I live south of london, so this is also where things get a bit odd with wages. You see, when prices inflate in London they inflate over the UK... hence my choclate bar is the same price as your choclate bar. The thing is, my wages don't go up an extra 20p to help pay for that choclate bar when yours do. I don't drive a big car, in fact I own a skoda fabia that I spend saved up and bought. Im not in any debt and I don't have any credit cards or loans. I would like to think im resonable with my money but I am very generous. It just sucks to see working away for a whole month and only seeing £100 in your bank. Saying that, I have started a savings account and already saved £500 in 2 months. I would have £1000 but had to get my self out of my overdraft after buying a car. I think I was just in a state of panic earlier, and I wasn't really contemplating suicide I was just very upset. I guess I have to carry on looking at the great things around me that are free such as my girlfriend, family and my life. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi Enotalone. 3 years ago I posted on these forums as I had sever depression and for a good 2 years and was mainly caused by being lonley and no self esteem. Enotalone helped me through and with my own courage I got out more and changed my whole outlook on life - I really did feel like a different person, in fact I loved life and enjoyed every minute. Time went by and I met a most amazing girl who I have been dating for 6 months and we get on brilliantly. Latley though, I've noticed something and originally ignored it but it's getting to me. I work and the position I am in earn as much as possible for my age and qualifications. The problem is a good chunk of my wages every month (im talking £800/$1500) goes on my car insurance, home keep, internet bills ect. Leaving me with a whole months wages of about £100/$200 after tax, national insurance and retirement fees. This really got me down today as specially after christmas and spending £500/$1000 on christmas presents in january I could treat myself to re-decorating my room. After a re-count on my wages this is'nt possible and I can't see it possible until mid summer once I have enough in my savings. This sucks, serisously - I work everyday for my whole life, and will be for the rest of my life FOR *** ALL. Just to exist... seriously whats the point?! I hate work as it is but to think I get no benefit while some Asylum seeker comes into the country and gets a free house off my hard earned money on taxes. Seriously, why live.. whats the point. I'm in such a state with this it's stupid. Sorry for the swearing - I never swear just im so angry and so upset.
  5. I would send the form, but like you said - in your own time.
  6. Thanks everyone for your help, specially you AntiLove_Superstar. Thing is regarding her going on holiday; she can't really wait until I have got the money to go (April) as It's a skiing holiday we was planning to do, meaning it would be then too late in the year. Also, she has still agree that she would like to come on holiday with me in April as well as going with her friends in March. I dont know why but I just really dont want her going on holiday with her friends. Then again, I've always been like this and being posesive (sp?). I mean, when I was younger I never liked my friends going to partys or hanging out with outher people incase they met other people and fell out with me. I guess that's something I need to get used to and address it. Edit: Ah, I forgot to mention - She knew these people as work colleagues then friends when she went away with them in Amsterdam. It wasn't until a few weeks before booking this other holiday she found out they where gay. This makes me think my girlfriend is going with them because of their sexuality; as she knew them way before she found that out.
  7. How do I separate the problems? The Homophobic thing: True, it probably doesnt realate but I just dislike the feeling that my girlfriend is going to be spending a week with lesbians and their partners. Cheating: I would like to think she wouldnt cheat, shes been on 2 holidays since weve been dating and I trust her on both that she didint cheat on me. General HolidaY: I guess I am really miffed about this. I know its my fault I can't afford to go but I shouldn't have any reason about being upset about it. I mean, she still said she will be able to come Kite Surfing with me in June. Jealousy: I think this is the biggest one. I think it all just comes down to the fact im jealous shes going on holiday, and going to have fun without me. So i guess, if Jealousy is the proglem how do I solve this?
  8. Hiya, I didin't really know where to put this but I would appreiciate all the advice I can get. My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship for 6 months now and we seem to be really close, in that fact we have never had an argument (touch wood). Well, during the time we was going out, about 2 months in she went on holiday with some of her work colleagues to Amsterdam and I trust her that nothing happened, apart from the sex shows ect which I don't really mind about. Well, its coming up into the new year and we was planning to go Skiing together, but due to financial situations I can not afford to go so soon. Now, instead she has booked a holiday to go skiing with the same bunch of people. Initially this did upset me, as I want to go on holiday with her; and I guess I am jealous that she is going away with her friends and not me but I can understand the reason being because I can't afford it. I next found out that all but one of these friends she is going away with are all lesbians and are bringing their partners along with them. This makes me really confused, and I guess im worried that my girlfriend is in fact a lesbian, or boarderline and starting to "dip into the waters" on these holidays with her friends. Or it could just be the fact that she just has lesbian friends and shes straight. Thing is, Im really homophobic so this in its own right makes me kind of angry/upset but I cant say anything as I dont want to lose my girlfriend and its not politically correct. Im also very jealous from my initial feelings, and also confused on what next step to take. I have spoken to my girlfriend about the whole lesbian thing and she assures me she is 100% straight and into me and not girls. I don't know what im feeling, but I really don't want for her to go on this holiday - but I guess it just boils down to jealousy in the end that she is having fun and spending more time with friends than me. Sorry for the fact this has gone on so long!, I'm just rambling now so please help - what should I do? Thank you
  9. Hiya, I don't really know why im writing this thead but I though I'd just write down my thoughts. I have this friend whos my age (19) and I have known him since we was both about 10. The thing that really bugs me with him is he constantly lies about everything! Thing is most things he says I know for 100% fact are not true yet he will still spill the lie out; its really weird as he believes himself hes telling the truth. Everything I do he has done it but better, and the majority of these things I know are surly not true. If i say im going to go watch a concert, he has already seen them 2 years ago with VIP passes and met them all - although its strange they never toured 2 years ago. Or maybe when I first started dating my first real girlfriend (all others only lasted a week and I was about 12, lol) he has all of a sudden had 6 girlfriends - which is also odd as he went to the same school as me and I've known him for 9 years; throughout that time he has had no girlfriends. Or even he will claim he hacked into a bank and had the option to steal millions of pounds but decided against it or when he says he travelled up to london and beat up a gang and won single handedly. I don't like to confront him alot of the time as I feel bad starting an argument over something petty, so I just nod my head and smile. To be honest I couldn't care if he did officially do all these things he says he has, its the lieing that agrivates me. Its not that I gloat while I say things, we just talk in a conversation and things get brought up. Whats going to happen when he meets the girl of his dreams and loses her because after a week she finds out his not the world champion wakeboarder who owns a original VW campervan and a second home in Hawiee. Or when he really does get confronted by someone in the street and believes to himself he can win the fight by doing kung fu moves. Its just so scary how he makes up a lie and thinks its 100% true and convinces himself into believing it. Do you have any friends that just constantly lie to be one better? And what do you do about it?
  10. heh, i remember my first kiss. Well - three actually - in three different relationships, all different.... My first real first kiss was when I was about 12 and was going out with a girl who was about 11. We kissed in the back of her garden, but the bit I remember most was when I turned around and her dad was staring at me through the window; I was so scared I ran and hid behind a bush lol. My second one was with my neighbours best friend. I was about 14 and my neighbour had a huge crush on me and invited me to her birthday party. Well I went and I ended up going out with her best friend. It was funny though because she didint know how to kiss proparly and was too scared to try. So to demonstrate how it was done me and my neighbour ended up giving an example which quickly led to one big kissing orgy lol. You should off seen my neighbours parents faces when they walked in the bedroom to ask if we wanted any food; that was one really embarrasing moment lol. My third one I remember was my most recent one. We was laying watching the stars on a hill overlooking part of the local village, then we just simutaniously burst into a kiss. And im only 19! I so cant wait to add more kissing sotirews to my collection
  11. hmmm, tricky situation huh. I think the best option to do if you love the guy is arrange something between you where you can shift the debt (possibly him paying for it?) and start from scratch. Another thing I think that needs to be added, is once you get yourself sorted out is then think of a way to stay sorted out. For example: Ditch the credit cards!!!!!!!! Seriously, if you know he gets into so much debt WHY decide to have credit cards - let alone on both your names?!
  12. Did she say or do anything that gave you the impression she likes you?
  13. Heya, You mentioned that you are a male in love with another male who has a girlfriend and is straight. Many people on this site rant that you should leave your feelings behind if you love someone who is already in a relationship - personally I should know this because I once loved a girl who was with someone. What makes your problem a little worse is you are in love with a straight guy. I personally advise you leave this guy alone and look in a different direction for someone else. I know it's hard but there is no way you will convince a guy to be gay as well as break up with his girlfriend for you.
  14. Ok, im going to sound dumb..... but what the hell is a Pash or Pashing?!?!
  15. Wow, thank you so much Beec for going to so much trouble - you really didin't have to. I really do appreciate everyones help on this board who have helped me see a new light into my future. I will start off learning Japanese from home while saving up money for college. This way I can catch the next starting year (next September) and be in a brilliant position for learning. May I ask, if I was to become my dream career of a translator, what other qualifications may I need? Another thing I would like the translation career to lead into would be to teach Japanese English. As I understand however, to teach you need a degree; what would be the best course of action to make my career possible? I'm thinking an A-Level equvilent in Japanese and a degree in a form of English.
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