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Ok, I was kinda hesitating about posting this, but I posted anyway out of curiosity... here goes: what does it mean when a girl gives you a really mean look? I mean, it's that look like she's angry or something and looks really mean... What does it mean? It's so weird, because this girl has been looking at me like that, and I have never even talked to her, or even stared at her for that matter... so what would she be angry about? It's the second time this happens, but last time, I kinda stared a lot at the girl, and had a huge crush on her... but this time, it's not even like that... So, what did I do now?

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It's very likely that you haven't done anything. You might remind her of an ex-bf, she might be in a bad mood, she might be looking in your direction but not really seeing you....there's a million different reasons she's got an angry look on her face that have nothing to do with you.


If it's bugging you, just go up and politely ask if something's bothering her or if ask if you've done anything to offend her.


Unless specifically informed otherwise, I wouldn't take it personally.

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ah girls are weird man. Could be a million things. Maybe you upset her some how, maybe you pissed off one of her friends. Maybe she has a crush on you and doesn't know any other way to get your attention. If it really bothers you, why don't you go up ot her and ask her what's going on. if she doesn't like you, it will be clear if she has a crush on you, it will be obvious too.


Either way at least you'll get it out in the open.

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I dunno - girls can be like that.


I liked a girl, I think it was last year, but she knew I was looking at her a lot (she didn't like me) and got really pissed by it. We get along now, but for some reason she was mad. It happens, and in a lot of cases, girls' attitudes change often. Maybe give her a little space and ull be fine.


If I'm wrong, use Shes2Smart's advice and politely ask her what's up? I did it and usually things go back to normal shortly.

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ok, I guess I'll ask then... I mean, there's nothing I could have done. It was just like that. I didn't even know she was there until one day I noticed her and she already had that look on her face... I dunno any of her friends, and I doubt she may see something attractive in me because only a girl in a straight- jacket would. Anyway, thanks for the advice, people. Best wishes.

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