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Her birthday is coming up soon!


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Okay, well my best girl friend(probably my only one) has her birthday in less than 3 weeks. She's turning 17. I like her more than a friend, but she doesn't know that. Anyway, we are starting to become closer and closer as friends, and i want to get a gift for her that isn't too expensive, but is meaningful (i'm 16 and don't have a ton of money)


I want it to be something that is meaningful, and MAYBE could give off the hint that i like her more than a friend, but it's not needed. Anyway, i just would like some input on what would be a good idea, both male and female opinions



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Wow..we seem to have the same problem...My best friend just had her birthday, and I wanted to get her something special. I secretly have started liking her aswell.

First I must ask you though...does she have a boyfriend? If yes, Jewellery isnt the best idea... She wont wear it. Even if she does love it to bits, she wont wear it because of her boyfriend.


BUT if she doesnt have a boyfriend...

Go to a few jewellery stores...girls love jewellery. Try and focus on getting her a nice necklace, as I find that it improves the chances of her wearing it more and reminding her of you.

Try and find a necklace with her birthstone inside. Look on a few sites, and you should be able to find which jewel her birthstone is.

November is the topaz, if her birthdayz soon.

Next, most girlz about my age dont like gold, they prefer silver.

And lastly, make sure you get it in a nice little box.

I live in Australia, and I went to link removed and found a great necklace with a topaz inside for just $40. It was placed in a box with a golden ribbon wrapped around it. Inside I placed a little note for her.

So look at some jewellery in your area...its probably best to take a girl or two with you who you can trust not to tell, because you really need a girls opinion.


If you do happen to live in Australia, and her birthday is in November, Here's the necklace I bought for mine:


link removed=

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