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does she like me??? (please respond, be nice to me lol)

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does she like me?? we started talking at our homecoming dance, we danced a little, took a picture and stuff nothin too special, so now during school u know we say hey to each other in the halls and talk occasionally(if i spelled that right lol), and sometimes in the halls i think shes looking at me, i think we make eye contact but i dont know, im too nervous to tell lol so im not sure whats even going on, b/c i really like her, i get excited before i see her im always looking for her in the hallways and she really does make my heart race when i see her!!! I mean shes good looking, funny and athletic all my fav stuff in a girl so help me out here does she like me???

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Based on the information provided, it's difficult to tell. If there are any more dances or school events coming up, ask her to one. Meanwhile, get her phone number (this is key, especially at your age), and talk to her. The more you talk to her, the more comfortable you will become around her, and the more comfortable she'll be around you. Don't tell her you like her though . . . (you probably already know this). Anyways . . at your age, you should be able to juggle multiple females (on the phone anyways).

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You will never be able to tell if she actually likes you for sure or not until you stop acting nervous around her. You say that you "think" you make eye contact and stuff. You need to be SURE that you make eye contact. Confidence buddy. This is the key. Doing this will give you a better idea. Try this for the next couple days at school and let us know how it works. If she likes you she will notice it and you will notice her attentivenss. If she doesnt like you then you will be able to tell that she really doesnt care. This should give you a good idea. If you are going to call yourself a baseballstud, then act like one! lol

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Wow. Incredibly similar to me. met my guy at homecoming, danced and took a picture, and yeah...whoaness...


Anyway, it's hard to tell with the information given. I can tell that you really like her, which is good. But I don't know enough about her.


Like with the guy I like, he's always looking for me and I keep an eye out for him but I can't wait for him because I can never tell how he get's from one class to another and if I wait for him I'll be late to my next class. I look for him in the hallway but I can never seem to find him.

So this might be the case with her, she might be trying but she just can't do it.


Anyway my advice is just to BE CONFIDENT I and I'm sure many other girls hate it when guys aren't confident. If you're going to far too fast she'll let you know, so don't worry too much about it. BE FUNNY it's very hard to resist a funny guy. BE SWEET, like if she's carrying a book in her hand, carry it for her. Lots of little sweet and romantic things are a lot more noticeable than one big thing, at least in my eyes. =)


Anyway, good luck with her!

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