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have no clue what the hell is going on

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Hey people,


i know all you guys have heard this a lot from many other people, does she like me?, so here it goes...


well first about me...im a quiet guy, not really shy in most cases, im just quiet cause i cant really start conversations and stuff. people find me funny when i do talk though, but yea thats enough about me.


well i like this one girl in my school and im sorta good friends with her. and i think she might like me. im not exactly sure cause at first it sorta seemed like she did, then she just stopeed sorta. and idk if she like another guy. but who knows...maybe this is just all in my head.


but now i cant even start a good conversation with her then i used to before. and so im talking to her less and shes sorta ignoring me now. we used to talk a lot more in the beginning of the year. so now its all weird


but when i am around her she sorta looks like shes a lil nervous, idk, that might just be me. like i said...lots of things just happens in my head and makes things seem like it happened but really didnt....idk, that probably happened cause i used t drink a lot...


well i guess i dont really know what to ask. cause im not gunna just go up to her and ask her out or whatever. im not like that. im not good at that type of stuff.


this whole thing is just bugging the hell out of me, and its causing my grades to drop, and all i think about is her, so i dont know...


im just under a lot of stress.


anyone got any advice?

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first of all


i dont like school ,never did, never will...i dont think im gunna be successful later in my life and im not good at anything so school doesnt matter right now. i know its my future but i know that my life is gunna suck if i try or not. so that doesnt really matter right now




i cant just straight up to her and tell her how i feel...she'll probably think im just joking around or something (we joke aroudn a lot and sorta make fun of each other) so if she thinks im just joking then that would put me in a really awkword position. and then id just start not talking right and yea...id just screw up and id just make myself look like an idiot so im not exactly sure what i should do.


should i just wait for her to ask me out or should i ask her out and hope that god is on my side for once in my life?

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I'm a sophomore, born in 1989 (I assume that's when you were born), and don't like school. Maybe we can relate. I don't know. Whatever.


Don't let her know you like her directly. That would ruin any fun you or her can have with the situation. Keep being her friend, just move in a little closer without making anything obvious. Smile at her, and keep eye contact. Make her laugh, and keep eye contact. Give her funny looks if she does something silly, and keep eye contact. You won't believe how many chicks just came up to talk to me because how attractive I seemed to them, just because I forced myself not to be afraid to stare into their eyes without looking away. I'm not necissarily a looker. Made a lot of friends. Sooner or later, you'll probably have to ask her out or something of the sort. Ger her to like you and ask to do something alone with her. Movie, studying whatever, just make sure you have fun doing whatever you do. If you get the chance, maybe she'll be talking to you or something, stare blankly into her eyes with a slight smile, not saying anything. If she stops talking, don't say anything to her, just keep staring. Hopefully she'll say something along the lines of "What are you staring at?". Just say "Nothing", and keep a slight smirk on your face, not losing eye contact. If your lucky, she'll keep questioning and you can say something like "What, we can't stare at a girl's boobs, but when a guy thinks someones eyes are pretty, it's weird?" and sail on from there. Corny? A little. But whatever.


One more thing, always relax in whatever situation you're in. I found life to be a lot less hellish when you slow down, take everthing in, then not give a damn.


But feel free to ignore me.

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If you have a hard time talking to her. Take her out to a school football game or something. Like a ***friend th ing*** not a gf/bf thing. But neways im sure you will sometime get over the shyness thing and just come forward...


Im not saying spill ur every feeling to her im just saying give her slight hints of you being attracted to her...


CoMpLiMeNtS ~ those are great...Us girls love compliments Ask her if she did something new with her hair or tell her that blouse looks expecially great on you...Make sure to say *on YOU* or it wont be a flirty compliment. So yeah


If you cant do that i unno what to tell ya...Hopefully my advice helped but heyyy..The word wasnt made in a day...so maybe im just blabbering...My past

expierience with *a friend whos a guy* well him and i chatted a lot after 2nd house and now we just flirt like crazy...Out thing is smacking eachothers A** es lol...Like or kickin its just fun!...And i just give him slight hints Now im getting hugs from him and hes finally coming up to me himself instead of me always callin for him...eye contact is good when ur tryin to be serious but sometimes it just doesnt work...


Im feelin u for what ur goin through tho...Ive been there and slowly learning the tricks ...So yeah hopefully i helped some what..>! Lata

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