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Hey, I've been with my boyfriend for about 10 months now, and yeah obviously we have our fights now and then, but last night it was huge. We blew up at eachother and I stormed out and drove home. I havnt talked to him since. This is truly the biggest fight we have ever been in, and he said things I woulda never pictured him even thinking. He flipped on me because I havn't had sex with him yet. And i know alot of you are just going to say ah just have sex with him already, or dump the bastard. But i cant we have such a strong relationship, and i know we wont break up over this. And he is so perfect to me! but since we've never really been in a fight, and he's my first real boyfriend, i duno how to act, what to say, when to call him, basically i duno how to deal with being in a figth with him period? let me know.

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I think you shouldnt have to be the one who apologizes. Im very impressed that you'r not pressured into having sex with him yet because in today's society its very uncommon. Your boyfriend is at fault here, and personally I think you should wait till he contacts you first, and dont hold any grudges if he does.

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I'd have to agree on that. As long as the lines had been established and he knows that you are not in a sexual relationship with him as of yet, hold on to your morals. I also am very impressed at the fact that you haven't gave in to temptation. It's so difficult these days not to just go with the crowd and do as they do, but I can tell you from experiance, sex just complicates things even more. If I were you, I'd wait till I got married, you're not missing much. Hold on to your values and a good man will come your way. If he want's to act the fool and blow all up at you because you haven't had sex with him, then tell him to go find someone who is open for business because he obviously doesn't want what you have to offer.

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You need to realize that there is no such thing as a person being perfect for you. Whether you choose to have sex with him or not is ur choice, but i will say that sex adds a new demension to a relationship since i said that realize that it could be bad or good. The question you should ask yourself is why havent you had sex with him? You need to realize that he can break up with you because you havent slept together so just be aware of that. You may feel that your relationship is strong but he doesnt have to see it that way. There are too many variables in this situation to give a clear answer. I would say that he is a saint for sticking around this long. Stubborness can last for a long time, so if he is mad enough he may not contact you for a while.

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aww thanks for the advice, i didnt call him, didnt apologize and give in like i usually would have and guess what !! he showed up at ma door with flowers! he said sorry and that he would do anything for me in the world, and waiting till im ready for sex would be one of them. im so shocked that he actually came over and apologized! thank you so much guys!!!!!! im so happy now!! luv ya all!

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