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is it normal?

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I have sex with my boyfriend for the first time a few days ago and a couple times after that, but for some reason my crotch itches and my urine smells different? Is this normal for someone who hasn't had sex before? I know he doesn't have any STDs or anything because he's only been with one other girl and they both were virgins. Any ideas what caused this? And how long does it take for the tenderness to fade? Thanks!

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Thats true. You also have to know that if he's mother had something like that than... he does too


Add to that the fact that either one of them (your boyfriend or the girl he slept with) could've been lying about the number of partners they've had - OR - either one of them could've gotten a disease from a blood transfusion, dirty needle, etc.. You should NEVER just assume someone doesn't have an STD...you need to make sure they get TESTED. And, even then, there are certain times that certain diseases may not show on the test.


I agree with Avman, though...it's most likely you have a UTI.


But, whether it's a UTI or an STD, you shouldn't waste time waiting for our amateur advice -- you need to get yourself to the doctor.

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Yeah I'd go to the doctor. You always want to do that anyways when you start having sex, especially with new partners. To make sure you don't have anything. You also can't always go on what he says. It may not be true, or the other girl may have lied a bit. Always better safe than... infested with diseases...

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I agree! Go to a doctor and use condoms with EVERY partner until you are in a committed relationship and both tested on every STD. You could have a urinary tract infection, however, the symptoms of that are somewhat different than you described. A yeast infection is no STD although it can be transmitted by sexual contact, and it causes white flow and a terrible terrible terrible itch (I am an expert on this I am afraid).





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I think Avman might be right. 2 years ago or so after having sex with some girl ( 1 night stand) when the condom ripped, I stupidly asked if she was on the pill and she said "yes" so we carried on ( i say stupidly because obviously i could still catch a STD). Anyway she got a bit carried away and went at it a bit hard while giving me a handjob and even more stupidly i didnt complain. The next day I woke up with a very swollen and sore member. It took about 4-5 days for the swelling to go down but I then started to notice marks still on my foreskin. I had to see the doctor where he told me that I had basically got penis trauma (I thought this was a head thing but a trauma is any damage basically). Within a week or so after that my urine smelt strong and not normal and for a week or so I was waking up in the morning with a very small discharge from my urethea. Peeing burned. Obviously due to the damage skin I ended up getting a urinary infection. Took like a month to fully recover

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