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might have screwed this one up!!!!


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Hey all,


obviously this one is about a girl.....I knew her briefly from school, but have now met her at this temp job after like 6 years...


Anyway, after getting to know her in general conversation, she asked me out for a drink sometime.....so I blurted yes (after losing my senses for a while)


we went, chatted, the usual what have you been doing for the past 6 years in more detail conversation....But the muppet that I am, took this outing to be a friendly drink, and nothing more, even though I like her.


For some reason thinking about it now I actually think she was asking me out...we have been clubbing together since with other friends, where I think I noticed her looking her at me when i was attemting to dance, but always looked away when got a glimpse of her.


At the end of the taxi ride home, she said "keep in touch"....


So the question is do you think I have missed my chance here and she only wants to be friends? or I should attempt to ask her out?..


Sorry for the length.....with me its always complicated!!!



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yeah I've got her number, I have spoken to her before.....we are friends now.....


Have I left it too late?, now that I'm in the 'friend zone'.....I was gonna call her for a nother drink anyway, and ask her face to face....


whilst I'm on that, how do you think I can ask her now that we are friends....just be honest???? without being pathetic....

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honestly, im in a very similair position as you are. first of all its never to late, just because you are in the "friend zone" does not mean you cannot get out. ive dated several girls who were "friends" first.


in my current situation with the girl "friend" that i like ive been showing her that i like her rather then telling her. for example, i took her out to dinner. i opened the car door for her, helped push her chair in, helped her put her coat on when we left, walked her to her door. im a huge red sox fan, ive been calling her before every game, telling her she is my good luck charm. i give her massages...your hands can do a lot of talking. she said her knee was hurting the other day, so when she was leaving i just picked her up and carried her to her car. i give her small..very small presents. things that cost next to nothing but show im listening that im thinking bout her. she must be getting the idea that i like her, unless shes an idiot. our converstations...we keep them vague, its almost like there is always a hidden message in everything we say.


when the time is right i will make my move. with my lips. not by talking, ill kiss her. if she is receptive, talking will be simple because ill know what she wants.

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Since you are on friendly terms with her why dont you have more contact with her? No official dates but just something like you had before, or some other fun activity that you can think of. The key here that you want to see reactions in her. Spend time with her and just have fun, jokingly flirt with her (billiards is always a fun activity to do). Keep it light and dont make any confessions about how you feel.

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so are you saying that I shouldn't tell her how I feel yet?....I just texted her for a drink (I know should always call, but she maybe in bed now....got work tomorrow)


so when I meet her just check her out then??.....the thing is I now think she already asked me out before for that drink....we made 'good' eye contact a few times, never really had any major silences, went well....but I never asked anything at the end of that, as I thought she was out with me for a friendly drink...maybe she was....


I'm getting the feeling that she does like me, but we all know girls don't really like guys who just don't ask.....maybe she thinks I'm not interested or really shy and a complete muppet (the latter I think )


so what u think?


tell her now, or think or more ingenious ways of checking her out?


thanks all

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I wouldnt tell her that you like her until she has said that she does. Then and only then if you feel the time is right you can tell her that you like her also, but no other confessions just tell her that you like her. You are going to have to learn to tell when a girl likes you this is a great time to start learning.

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