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Revenge, do you believe in it?

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I won't get down to the nitty gritty with this but basically I've been disrespected and played for a fool, BIGTIME> Now I'm angry as hell, I've had a few days to think about it but I'm still fuming.


This person cannot get away with this, you don't use and abuse people who stood by you in times of struggle. I was there for this person throughout all the problems they had and then when they worked out their problems they pretty much abused me and told me to get lost

with lots of cursing from them.


Now I know some of you think "don't have revenge it's not worth it" But really, what do you think I should do? Stand by and do nothing and let them laugh at me behind my back talking about what a joke I was?!


Me doing nothing makes me look weak, like I deserved it. I have to show this person that I'm not some little weak punk that takes abuse and likes to get used and does nothing about it. This person has to pay.

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I totally understand your need for revenge. I often feel that way too. BUT

here's a few facts.


If you look at the picture clearly, what will happen once you have taken your revenge? They will not stop laughing at you (Im sure they are not, you just feel humiliated, so it seems that way). Acting on this impulse will cause you to be caught up in their game. It means you still fall for whatever trap they set you.


On the other hand totally ignoring them, and pretending that it also meant nothing to you, and they are not worth it, makes them feel small, and well, not worth anything. Ignoring someone and totally shutting them out of your life, are often much harder to handle, than to have somoene plan revenge, and still paying attention.!! This just makes you keep coming back for more.


Work through your anger, fantasize about your revenge, and then.....do nothing. Shut that person and everyone close to them out of your life, pretend they don't exist, dont' call, fax, text or mail them, ignore them in the street. That is far worse punishment, and will also protect your from getting hurt by the same stupid people over again.


Just my 0.02 cents....

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I totally agree with sonjam if you totally ignore them it will be much more painful for them then any thing you could do to them with revenge. I would do the NC thing and you would be surprised how bad it makes the other person feel when they see you are doing well after they left you.

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Eye for an eye and we would all be walking around blind.


It is not our place to mete out punishment to those who choose to hurt us. We cannot see the larger picture, thereforeeee we cannot understand how all actions fit into it.


Also, we'd all be a lot better off if we were less concerned with other people's opinions of us.


You want revenge?


Living well is truly the best revenge.

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I always followed one rule...do onto others 10x what they done onto you. Makes people think twice before messing with you again.


Honestly it depends on the situation. I have seeked revenge on many people for doing me wrong. Some I got good, others just enough to satisfiy my feelings, some I had no choice but to let it go. If you seek revenge you will have to face cosequences. I have some schemes I am working on now, but i'm also willing to accept the consequences of my actions.


If you feel you want to seek revenge, just make sure it is going to be worth it. Sometimes as time goes on you may realize that it is not worth it. I was recently disrespected by two of my x best friends. People I put my life on the line for. So I know where you are coming from...but all things will come in time. I'm not rushing to get my revenge...I let it cool down first, get them when they least expect it.


Good Luck


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I can't tell you the ammount of times i've seeked vengeance against those whove betrayed me but in the end, it will only bring you more pain. The best revenge would be to succeed and live your life to the fullest potential. One thing you've gatta realize is this, what goes round comes around. They might have today, but you will have the last laugh tomorrow. Everything they did to you, will be multiplied 10 fold in thier old age so don't worry about it. Secondly, see like this, why waste ur time on these idots when you can use that same time making ur life better. You may not get ur revenge in this life, but you will in the next, as everything we do in life echoes in eternity.

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I myself set out on a revenge spree to get even with my husband who abandon me. Let me say it was ugly and had even uglier consequences. Once you start getting even the anger never goes away it only gets worse and the desire to do more gets worse. There are also possibilities of retaliation from the other person so it can become quite a nightmare! I advice against seeking revenge, once you open a can of worms...you can't ever close it back up. The greatest revenge is knowing that they may have hurt you but it did not stop you!

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