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should i send a message for her birthday?


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how many times do you have to hear NO!!!!!!!!!!!! you asked this before and people already told you no then as well....or are you hoping someone will say yes?

this is a very bad idea, you know she moved on and is in a new relationship now and the last thing you want is her and him laughing over you, stay cool and don't let her hear anything.....

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yes i can imagine and i really feel for you, but this will not help! she will only have a laugh or be annoyed and you wouldn't want either.....it sucks, it is hard, it is painful but you will get through this, maybe in a year time you will read back on this and have a laugh yourself with your new stunning gf, and then your ex wants you back......life is a mystery....you just go on.....something great is in store for you, and maybe this break-up was necessary for you to find that something great!

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Piet, I did that with a previous ex girlfriend. I messaged her on her birthday. I did get a reply, but it was a very cold, unappreciative reply. I would suggest not sending her a message on her birthday especially given your circumstances.


If it makes you feel better, just say a prayer for her or wish her well quietly and keep it to yourself. Hope this helps.

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please Piet do not get confused, you only hear what you so desperately want to hear, do not do this, as a woman, i can say she will NOT appreciate it and you will only end up feeling worse.....

nattpanter, please, do it anonymous would accomplish nothing, you are only trying to get the poor guy's hopes up for nothing or are having a good laugh on your own....

Piet, don't do it, stay strong and ignore this, you know she moved on, doesn't want contact and is in a new relationship, she doesn't want flowers or a message from you she has moved on....do not hurt yourself even more!!!

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