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ok its the end of the world now.

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tonight my parents picked me up from work. my parents are jehovahs witnesses, the worst religion in the world. they told me i could not go to homecoming this friday because im not going with fellow jehovahs witnesses. i had plans to go with my friends that ive known, i wanted to go to this homecoming because ive never been. my dad gave me the option that he'll take me. right then i blew it, i told my parents i dont like being a jw, my mom threatened to tell on me to get me excommunicated. my dad stepped in then. i told them lots of things out of my butt and even tested them. im angry, sad, and bummed out right now.


i really wanted to go to homecoming with my friends. i hate this religion, my mom is psycho. they threatened to not let me drive anymore, not let me go to college. i told them i would get help from the government once i turn 18, i would get a student loan and that ill live in a half way house.

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Your beliefs/religion are your own choice, your parents cannot legally force you to remain part of a religion. What your parents are doing is a bit extreme, especially considering that you have a genuine concern about it. You need to work with your parents and try to see if there is a related religion they wouldn't disapprove of you joining that you like that you could go to. You need to reach an understanding with your 'rents on where you stand and how far things should go with religion. Best wishes!

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Ick, what a bad situation. Now, I studied religions in college, and I have a bit of a problem with Jehovah's Witnesses as well, but I try to respect all people.


That being said - I don't understand why your mother would threaten to "tell on you." You might be a Jehovah's Witness, but you are also a teenager and all teenagers rebel... I would think a parent would see this, but I'm also not 100% sure what kind of mentality they may have.


I believe that what religion to be a part of should be the choice of each individual, not something forced upon them by friends, family, etc. thereforeeee, I also don't think it's fair for your parents to hold your religion over your head. I'm also not a parent, though, so I really don't have a lot of say here.


I'm unsure about the homecoming thing though... your dad offered to take you, do you mean he offered to drive you or he offered to take you and stay at the dance with you? If he just offered to drive you, let him do it and then meet up with your friends at the dance. I don't really know why a grown man would want to stay at a high school dance.


I also think you might have to find a related religion that they wouldn't disapprove of. However, I can imagine them being quite upset about that choice, as my parents got pretty upset hearing I might go to a service of another religion. You might be forced to go through the motions until you leave the house. I hope you don't have to, but if you do, try to find something you like about the religion. Also, be prepared for the consequences if you do choose a new religion. Your parents might disown you... I hope it would never come to that but I've heard of it happening before.


I hope some parents will reply to this and let you know what they think. If you'd like to vent, you can always pm me.

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you poor thing, i have a grandma who's JW... it's horrible everyday she comes to visit, she gives me bible studies. She thinks i'm the worst person ever and i have disappointed her because i'm a "worldly person" (not JW)


look, your parents can't control you like that, you have to be assertive and let them know your true feelings. How else are they even able to realise your feelings.

tell them they're being unreasonable and that you have been good all year and will continue to do so, just let them some how feel good about and then persuade them to allow you to go...


good luck

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my dad offered to take me to the football game only, i cant go to the school dance.


also im still having feelings over this girl at work who lead me on for like 2 weeks. leading me on so far as asking me out, me hanging out with her, her flirting at work. she found out i developed feelings for her. she stopped. we both use xanga, its a blog, and she left a comment saying thats just her how she is outgoing and flirtatious. i read through her blog. she had feelings for another guy at work in the first place. i dont know what to do. do i just forget about her? continue being work friends with her? royally screw her over? leave a comment towards her on my journal?


these times have been very stressful.

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wow. i can't believe your parents threatened to not allow you to go to college. that is totally irresponsible of them! I sincerely hope that was merely an idle threat. That said, I think that it's best for now to just go by your parents wishes and then when you do get to college, you will be freer to live your life the way you want to. I know you want an immediate solution, but I can't think of one. Are there any aunts/uncles or other relatives you have that could perhaps change your parents' minds?

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I'm just writing this because I want to tell you that I know how you feel. As a child my parents were Jehova's Witnesses. And I was FORCED to go to their meetings every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday no matter how much I objected. Needless to say I was very unhappy. I'm sure you know how I felt on my birthday and Christmas when I had to explain to my friends why I didn't get anything. After a while my parents forced me to stop playing with children who were "wordly", which was pretty much all my friends. My mother even had to stop talking to her brothers and sisters.


In time even my mother had gotten unhappy and wanted out. My father even wanted to divorce my mother because of it. Thankfully they didn't, and they both left the religion.


The religion itself is rather extreme, and I would never make my children go through that.

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