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This girl I was seeing about 3 months ago ended it pretty much. She used me and I never really saw it. She was dating me and some one else and I really wasnt ok with it but I tryed it. Well the girl I saw before the girl I saw last slept with the guy that this girl was seeing. She come crying to me and every thing told him he was just a loser and blah blah. And about 3 days later they deciede to become bf/gf now she never told me I asked her friend what was up with her. I was happy that she picked him cause I really did feel like I was being used. I want to start looking again but the only person I like is her best friend but im not for sher if I should even bother with it. She know I like her but she the shy type and I am to I think im just going to stop looking for now.

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relationships don't hapen over night. Mabey your just lonley and bumed out because of all the drama you just went through.


If you like this girl and you think she likes you make something of it.Take your time rilly get to know her.Maybe if you start a friendship first it could set the stage for better relationship if not whith her whith some one eals.


If were always shooting high were bound to be disapointed. If there's one thing ive lerand it's that jumping in to a relationship always ends up in disapointment.


good luck.

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