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The best apporch...Help!


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Alright there is this guy I really like in my class he seems to like me back he even offered to give me a ride home this weekend. (past weekend) I really want to get to know him better then just talking with him in class about school I tried talking about his work he didnt seem to pleased about that (i think) anyways I was wondering HOW on earth should I apporch him should I say "hey what are you doing this friday? wanna go to the movies with my friends and I?" and hand him my number..


Or is that Lame? (keep in mind I have NEVER gone up to a guy about anything like this! I'm scared sh*tless about it too) I'm really shy so if you can help me out about this. Conversation about the weekend,then giving him my number or just asking him about what hes doing without seeming to desprate (sp) PLEASE help me I want to ask him tomorrow (Oct. 19th) I know its early before the weekend but I wanted to give him notice as my friends would say.Also to make plans if he says yes or no.


I'm extremly nervous about this PLEASE help me THANKS!


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Well I think asking guys out as a girl is much harder. Dont let the other posts with the *How do I ask this girl out* fool you, its much more different in my opinion.


For example, guys dont get freaked out (from what ive seen)when a girl tells him that she likes him.



I'd start with a simple chit-chat, then mention what movie your going to see. If your lucky hed be like "Oh that looks like a good movie" and you can just say "we'd love it if you came with us".



If the conversation isnt as perfect as the one above, ask him straight up. Just say it, "Did you wanna see it?".

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That sounds great, go for it!! You're a lot more savvy than I was when I was 17. A guy who really liked me drove me home & flirted with me as well, but I had no clue that he liked me. I sorta had an inclination but didn't really think much of it (I wasn't really attracted to him in any case.) But I found out afterwards at a party that he really liked me as he asked me out..and I declined. But if he drove you home & is chatting with you, it's a good sign he likes you! At least it meant it for me..so go for it! If you're going with friends he won't think of it as so much of a date anyways, and won't be so nervous (probably.)


Hmm..how to approach him though. What I would do is start with mentioning some movie. Like 'hey, did you see that new movie out -- (name movie here.) I've heard it's really good. I can't wait to see it, I really need a break from school." (see? that's casual.)


then he says something like 'no, that looks really bad.' and you say 'so what movie do you think is good' and whatever he says say you want to see it too. Then ask him if he wants to see it with you & your friends this weekend, as you were all planning to go together.


If he automatically says he likes the movie, then just go to plan A. and ask him if he wants to see it with you this weekend. Just sound confident & casual about it (if possible.) I've done a lot harder negotiating stuff in the past, but asking people out is always tough I know..for me, the easiest way to go about asking for things like this is to sound breezy & confident.

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Well theres on problem he didnt give me a ride home he just offered me because me and my friend didnt have a ride at the moment and he just said "Where do you live? I can give you a ride home if you want. I get off work in 40 mins" We waited for a hour ( I wasnt going to pass this oppertunity (sp) up!) he never came out I think he got stuck doing things in the back he never left so my mom picked us up. He looked concernd (surprised) when I told him I walked home...I know I lied to him It poped in my head and I just said it I do that alot and I didnt realize what I said till he said "YOU WALKED HOME?!" I feel TERRIBLE about it! I really want to tell him truth..but yeah.. were not going to go into that topic.


I will give your suggestions a try THANKS YOU GUYS!

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I've never seen a girl ask a guy out before. and i'm sure he won't say no (I know for sure that if a girl ever asked me out I wouldn't complain). as it seems like 95% of the time its the guy that comes out and asks the girl, i'm sure he would accept going to the movies with you, especially if he has feelings for you to and if your friends are also females it would make him feel like a "pimp" having 3-5 girls around him. what i may recommend is if you wanna get the ball rolling is see a scary movie, during a scary part of the movie grab his hand tightly act like you didn't mean it and do it a couple more times. he will more the likely hold your hand after a couple times and he'll start fallin in love with you if he hasn't yet.


one more thing, this whole thing could backfire in your face though... what if he goes and has feelings for one of your friends?


If you wanna keep him in contact i would suggest going to the movies more until you know you can trust him. bring friends until you can trust him to be alone with you but still in public. (i'm shy and paranoid thats probably why i was single all through school) once you have this trust then offer your phone number.


hope this helps


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