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Ok so I have not posted on the way I am feeling lately only through poetry,Well I know you probably have seen me post alot in the past 6 months about my ex and what how and why we broke up and everything that goes with that,Well I still love him and miss him and I know it has been along time it just seems time has done alot on the pain but not anything on the way I really feel for him,I know some people say that you have to move on well in a way mabe I did but really I am so confused and unsure.


The past month we have been talking more and I have stayed with him and things have been going alot better then they were with us,I have a few questions though...I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days can us starting to spend more time together be a good thing I mean could it possibly mean that we could be going down the right track?I know you are not there and really may not know the whole history or background of us but what are good signs that there is a good chance or mabe even a chance something could happen between us again?I am so confused it's terrible.


I also notice that I seriously find myself thinking of him more now that we talk and it's hard on me because I do miss him even now that I stay with him some nights and we talk I still feel something there.I am so confused right now and I dont want to place myself in a position that I am going to be hurt because of the feelings I do have.I also dont want to push him away or make him think I dont care about him while im being distant not to be hurt.Can someone give me advice on what I can do??It is so confusing for me to think that the man I love does not want to be with anyone but if he did it would be with me.Also that he still does love me but is not with me.


I have thought about this over and over and still cannot figure out what to do?He is so hard to read because sometimes I feel good thing's about us talking again and other times it seems like he is not even interested in a way anymore by the way he talks and acts but lately he has been really lovey dovey so I dont know...I realize that alot of the things that are going on inside of my mind and heart I have to figure out on my own but please I really need peoples opinions and advice on what they think im so lost......Thanks in advance

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hi angel,


If I were you I would try and sit him down and ask him where he sees the relationship going! It may be that he might want a new relationship with you. If this is the case take it slowly with him.


On the other hand he might not want a relationship and might be using you. Again as you have said it is difficult to be definate without being in the relationship myself.


However I think that you deserve to know the truth and whether it is the news that you have been hoping for or the closure that you might need in the relationship. Either way I think that at least then you will know where you stand with him.



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