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Do I Live For Today or Live For Tomorrow?

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Do I live for today and tell her how much I admire her? Or do I live for tomorrow and try to let our friendship slowly flourish? I am too shy to tell her how much I admire her at this point. Most likely outcome is we just merely remain friends.


What does It feel like to be in Love? Would you know from the very beginning, or is it something that slowly grows though time?


I am finding myself admiring this girl I like more everytime I see or hear her. My admiration for her seems to have no bounds, and around her is when I am happiest. I find myself always thinking of her and remembering how happy I feel around her.


As I have mentioned once before, this girl is like a catalyst for me to improve myself and move away from my mundane and fruitless life. To lose my opportunity with her would have quite the reverse effect, I will lose my confidence, my moviation for self-improvement, it will drive me into a deep depression and my family will forever be clueless of the motives of my depression and they too will fall into depression with me.


I don't want to drive her away with a premature expression of my admiration of her nor do I want to give too much time for her such that she will forget me and move on.


My feelings towards her is only of great admiration, but whether she senses it or not I don't know (its possible that she does sense it, she reads this forum too). She has helped me more than she will ever realise and I wish I could do just as much for her. Will I forever be stuck as one of the many guy friends she maintains only a friendly relationship with?


It is not impossible that she likes me as well, but my mind is so clouded with my feelings for her that I could be imagining things. Everywhere I read on this forum indicates that girls are into confident guys which is something I definitely am not. Through my admiration and respect for her, one day I will be a better man but when that day comes will she remember me? Will she available to start a relationship with me when that day comes (I know, this is wishful thinking)?


What is this admiration I have for her? Is admiration same as love?


Re-Edit: Sorry If I put this in the wrong forum. Also re-edit to get rid of small errors.

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