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Do girls like it when guys are a "little" mean?

Double J

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I've realized that they do. Don't get me wrong - I don't mean being a jerk and acting disrespectful towards them. I mean being mean in a playful way, treating them like a bratty sister, and not caring what she thinks about you. This seems to send out all the right signals, and girls become more drawn to you. I'm always acting this way with a girl in class that I know, and she always tells me "You're so bad," but laughing and with a smile on her face. So to me she's not conveying that it's a bad thing. I guess acting this way really works on very attractive girls, because treating her like "one of the guys" is a challenge and makes you stand out.


- Do you guys agree?

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I don't know about your logic, I know a few girls that would smack the crap out of you if they don't want you touching them like that. The girl maybe has a crush on you, but I don't think I would go around thinking you are onto some girl getting idea.



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I think that most good looking girls are used to guys chasing them all the time so when a particular guy is a little more reserved and indifferent it peaks their interest. I wouldn't recommend you be mean to get a girl... but do tease her in a playful way and be a gentleman. You will stand out from all the rest.

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No, smacking them around actually makes you look insecure. It's like trying to display bravado that gets you nowhere. You can be nice, but just not TOO nice. Learn to say no, and if you have something to say, say it with conviction. Girls (even beautiful-looking ones) are humans too, they err and have flaws like the rest of us. And by busting on them in a playful way, you're reminding them of just that - that just because they were lucky enough to be born with good looks doesn't mean you'll worship the ground they walk on. Too many guys try to buy their affection by being overly nice, and some go as far as to convey that they're not worthy of the girl. I've noticed that girls hate it when guys seek their approval or make them lead. And neediness is a killer too. As long as you have a balance, you'll succeed.

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