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Another guy looking for advice =)

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As a lot of posts begin this is going to seem lame...but I care and im an ignorant guy =)


Recently I started working at a new company and yes theres a girly im already digging on (I know dating co-workers is usually a bad idea but you only live once). We introduced ourselves to eachother with the smiles and everything and I sensed a little vibe between us, unfortunately we havent really had a conversation and we dont know eachother so at this point im just attracted to her and would like to get to know her more but anyway...Since im new to the company and she is pretty new herself I havent really made any obvious moves showing her I have interest (if you want to know why its simply because im new and want a career out of the company so I want to be careful for myself and her, and im hardly smooth), so every little chance I have to show her that im a nice guy I take it (im really not, hehe). So yesterday she and this guy (co-workers) come up to the little group of us that are new and offer to get us something to drink. So she comes up to me and asks me what I want to drink and I say ice tea or if they dont have tea just get me a soda. So they come later to give us the drinks and she brings me both tea and soda (trust me I know this is lame) and keep in mind this is like 20 minutes before we have to leave work (us new people). I try to stay healthy so I dont drink the soda and decide to put the tea back (I know she made an extra effort for the tea because its not available like the soda is) to simply let someone else have it. So today I completely get the cold shoulder from her. Not one little glance =(


So heres what im getting at (im sorry I couldnt make this shorter), me putting the drinks back and most likely her seeing I put them back would that insult her a little bit or make it seem like im being rude? I was not at all trying to be rude. basically the question is: IF she has interest would she take something small like that personally? Or is there another reason she would just ignore me one day? And if she did take it the wrong way is there a way I can make it up to her without making things uncomfortable in the work place? Or should I just leave it alone and give it time and act like I dont care? I dont know her so its all probably irrelevant but I at least want to be on her good side because you just never know. Anyway thanks for reading this whole thing (if you did) and thanks for the advice or answers ahead of time.

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Honestly I'd just forget about the whole "drink" incident and continue forward. Mostly likely she doesn't care; and she could just be busy with other stuff rather then ignoring you. As far as how to take the situation I would just go with the flow, be yourself. Because it's a workplace you probably don't want to be making things too forward but what's wrong with asking her to coffee one day? It's really only as uncomfortable as you make it.

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