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Kind of a silly question (at least for me!)


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Hi everyone, it has been a while since I was out on dating scene and I had a question related to a date I had yesterday.


It was a blind date, we went to the park, walked/talked, played frisbee, went for coffee, and had a great time. Got along really well, share a lot of the same ideas/values and it was a lot of fun.


Anyway, as he was dropping me off at home we just had a hug and told each other we had a great time, and then set up a plan to get together tomorrow (Tuesday) night for a movie or something like that. He did seem interested in doing so as offered up a couple nights he was available to work something out (and maybe now I am just getting nervous about it as well!).


So, I did have a really good time, and today I am wondering if I should send a "thank you" email and a confirmation for tomorrow night's date or just sit tight and see if he contacts me first? I don't want to come off as too aggressive, as honestly this is a guy I could see developing something with and want to do things right as I can see there being more there...which is why I want to go on an evening/more traditional date to see how things go! He is genuinely a nice guy, but I don't want to seem too aggressive, on the other hand I do want him to know I did have a good time! I might just wait until later tonight to send email if I do....recommendations?



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Thanks Scout & Carter - I think you guys are spot on about sitting tight! I'll let him do a bit of chasing, and try to relax a little, I am just really looking forward to it and for some reason letting my mind play tricks on me about it ("did he have a good time too", "does he really want to go out again") Even though I guess nothing would of been set up if he did not..lol.


I will be patient


Thanks both for the good wishes too!

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Whew, I did not need to worry at all! He actually sent me an email last night that went to my junk folder (don't know why, none of his others went there!) and I just did not get it....he thought I was ignoring him when he came on to MSN today and asked if he had offended me or something with something he said (awwww). So, we cleared that up (had to convince him I really did have a good time and I was not ignoring him..lol) and we are still on for tomorrow night for some dinner/drinks a film.


Phew, I feel bad that I missed it now, but I don't check junk folder very often! He thought I had snubbed him or something I was like NO WAY! I had a really great time!



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YAY!!! Isn't this patience thing a pretty good trait to learn? Now if I could only practice what I preach...


Well if there is anything I have "learned" from the whole breakup with my ex is that things can't just happen when you want them too..though even I slip up sometimes!


I am just glad we talked tonight and I cleared that all up, I don't think he believed me at first that it went to my junk mail folder!


Oh well, looks like we both looking forward to tomorrow though and he was definitely seeming interested as he suggested dinner and such as well, so we're "back on track" again.


I did read email before it was deleted, and he was really sweet...told me I seemed like a great person, and was full of energy (as opposed to all the zombie girls he has met in the last while..lol), so though I had already talked to him, I did sent him a short and sweet, unfashionably late reply to say I felt the same

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