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Is this a guy thing?

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After a rocky romance last year, I met someone else online who I have been communicating with for over 10 months now.


Here's the thing, he lives pretty far and we do plan to meet and we have about 90% in common on just about everything except this one thing which is driving me nuts.


I have sent him little gifts which he loved but he has yet to send me anything. I mean I have absolutely nothing except daily calls, emails, ecards and emailed pics and webcam. He says he will and I tell him the monetary value is of no interest to me but I want something that he has had touched etc. and each time he promises to send me something but hasn't!!!!!


It was his Birthday recently and I sent him a little something with a card which he loved. (Hint, hint hint!!!!!)


He forgot my Birthday back in June, no card, no call, but apologies after the fact and said he will make it up when we meet.


To me, when a man says what he does, it translates to he is a man of his word. Is this a guy thing? Should I be mistrusting? Am I overreacting?


What's your take?



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Im not an expert, but it sounds to me like this guy is a phony. With the distance you can never be sure. He could have tons of online gfs and you would never know. It sounds to me like he doesnt care as much as he says he does. I know this can be hard to accept based on past experiences, but you should face the facts. Chances are you will never meet this guy. Im sure you could find someone who lives around you who you could be with who could acctually hold you etc. Good Luck figureing this guy out.

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thanks all, I am reading all your replies and yes, I do agree to a certain point.


The thing I am contemplating, (and I can see I am older than all of you in age) is that does one become shallow if one is relying on receiving material things or not?


He is consistent is just about every other way. He appears to be very serious about me and if this works out, he could very well be my future.


I've told him this is something I need but his work schedule (in another country only allows one morning for errands etc. and he tends to sleep in instead of running to the post office).


I don't think a woman should have to ask for something ie. a postcard, momento etc. I have received poems, beautifully worded emails from the heart and daily phone calls. Is there a possibility that he may just not be the kind of man who does these kind of things? or he just lazy? or even worse, doesn't think I am worth the effort. I am very confused.

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