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Asking the girl out


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Ok this is my frist post so work with me


OK theres this gril in my science class that i relly like. Shes a relly good friend of mine.I cant tell if she likes me to but in class we do every thing together and i relly like her im relly confused on what to do some plz help me

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You could always ask her if she would like to do homework together, or maybe study for a test together. That always works out well.


It seems like you are good friends, so maybe you could just ask her to hang out next weekend. Just get to know her more, hang out with her more.


After awhile, if you are getting a long well as friends & you still really like her, then you could tell her that you have feelings for her. Only do that though if you are getting good vibes from her. You will know most likely.

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Yeah I would suggest just asking her to hang out some time... not a date, if you're feeling a bit shy or you're unsure of hwo she feels about you.


Just ask if she'd like to hang out some time.... it's not a date, so if she declines you avoid any awkwardness and it won't jeaopardise the friendship.


And if she says yes, then ask her what she's doing on the weekend... and take it from there. You'll sense if she is keen to make a date or not. Just be yourself. Sounds like that is working for you.

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Ok theres this girl that I wanted to ask out, well I've been talking to her loads quite a lot we was laughing a lot and talking more than we have been, do you reckon it's just friendliness? I asked her what she was up to tonight and she said 'going to her sister's university' I was getting on so well with her. but she mentioned something


but she mentioned something I couldn't quite work it out she said 'my ex-boyfriend used to like that' or maybe it was boyfriend? either way I still felt good, she told me she does yoga classes and I couldn't believe how well I was getting on with her, I'm going to ask her on thursday.


What I'd like to know is from this is can you tell the difference between ordinary friendliness and a girl wanting to get to know you more than a friend?

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The feeling I get is that you can gain more by being her friend-in the long term. Go with your instinct, because that's what I'm doing. The girl you like will know whether she likes you or not and if she's asked you to go to the mall then I think you're in with a good chance


By asking her out you're cancelling out the trip to the mall and this will not look good IMO. Just be yourself with her and share jokes and things like that, the more of that you do you will become more than a friend to her.


Good luck! and keep me updated!

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