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afternoon all, i could do with a bit of advice if you don't mind giving it.


i've been going out with a girl all summer, and everything seemed to be going great, but then when i started at the college that she had been going 2 for a year, she seemed to pull away from me and we didnt really speak 2 each other very much. then on thursday she said that she didnt want to go out with me anymore, because her feelings have changed. unfortunately, i still have strong feelings for her, and its really getting me down because she's in the same friendship group as me so i still see her round loads.


i was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on either getting back togeter with her or getting over her.



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well, my dear friend, this is not an easy thing to do. Getting over somoene takes time, and getting her back seems out of the question - since her feelings have changed. There is not a lot I can say to you about healing your broken heart - exept it will get better, but there are certain rules of things you should not do:


1. Don't stalk her or continually give her telephone calls or notes. - Leave her alone.

2. Never beg and plead to have her take you back.

3. Be her friend, be happy and in control of your life, and carry on. It is a very atractive quality in a person to be in control of their life, and not sit in a corner and feel sorry for yourself....

I hope you feel better soon!

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Here is my list of things to do ( I just got dumped by a certain sphincter myself)


1. DOnt be friends if you have feelings for her. You;ll just end up torturing yourself evertime you see her cuz youll miss her and she will just keep reminding you she doesnt feel the same way.


2. Tie yourself to a chair if you have to but dont go see her nor call her nor email her. Stay away.


3. DOnt play mind games with yourself. Truth is she may never want to get back with you so dont wait till she comes get you. Move on. Someone else will come along. Even the ugliest and weirdest people in the world find someone.


4. You'll be alright , its not simple to get over a breakup especially cuz the ego has been hurt. Try to change your habits to boost your ego.

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Usually when this scenario happens she either likes someone else she just met, or she already connected with someone she just met.


Facing the above reality is step one of getting over it. I wouldn't call her, talk to her, email or anything...just walk away and go have some fun of your own.



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