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So she says she has a boyfriend...now what?

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Okay, no girl has said that to me yet, because I haven't actually asked the girl Ilike out yet. I'm prepping myself. Anyways, I halfway suspect she has a boyfriend (I can never be sure. They never make physical contact, but some days I'll see them together, side-by-side, the whole day. Then the next day I don't see them together at all), and I would ask the guy if they're going out, but I don;t think I'll get a good time by the time I want to ask her out. Anyways, if I go up and ask her out, and she says she has a boyfriend, what do I do? Tell them I'm happy for him, hope he treats her right, or slowly walk away then go into a full sprint?

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aww...honestly if you dont know much about her, then maybe you should start out by being her "flirty friend"...that way you will know a little more about her situation. if you think she likes you already then just go for it, if she says she has a bf just say oh, i didnt know...well if you ever change my mind heres my number or SOMETHIGN, just make it seem casual and fun(ny) lol. or you could go for the sweet shy thing where oh...well...good luck with that. its not a big deal, lots of guys hit on me and i say i have a bf, its not like something to be super embaressed about. but i would suggest if you really want to get with this girl, get with her on the friendship level first, at least in a flirty way. good luck!

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So you've never asked a girl out? And you afraid that if you do she'll might tell you she have a bf? Rule #1. Before asking a girl out, perhaps it's a good idea that you know something about her, e.g. if she got a bf or if she prefer guy not girl (I have that happened). And rule #2. You really have got to follow rule #1 first Good luck.

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get to know the basics first, i mean some girls will go into a relationship without knowing anything about the guy but usually it doesn't last. and others have known them awhile previous to dateing so they knew what to do and not to do. plus getting to know her could help you determine if it is just lust or if there is actually something there to support a relationship. and if she tells you she has a boyfriend don't sweat it too hard, just try to keep the ball rolling.

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