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How do i know if she's just playing?


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Hi everyone,


can anyone give me some advice... there's this girl i met and she's real extraverted. she smiles and talks a lot and gets on really well with heaps of guys. it just so happens that i like her, and i think she's interested in me too. but i'm not sure. i'm not sure because she doesn't treat me any different to any other guy who she converses with. rumours have it that she's going out with this senior dude, but i've asked her on two occasions and she told me on both times that they're just good friends and they're not going out. i asked her out to coffee last week, she said she couldn't do it that day but she offered me her number... i really want to call her because she shows signs that she is interested in me. but the thing is, how do i know she doesn't do that to every guy she meets? if i didn't go up to talk to her, she doesn't even seem to notice my existence. but when i do we get on really well. how do i know that she's not just messing with my mind? could it be that she just wants to be friends?

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It could be that she feels really good about herself when she flirts and gets guys attention, so she does it with as many guys as she can, it almost seems like that here man. I can't be totally sure, but I guess the only thing you can do is wait it out maybe, keep trying to talk to her, or just eventually suck it up and just ask her whats up. Its not cool when girls do that, it messes with you, and if she doesnt like you, I think you should ask her to stop doing that to you. well let me know how it goes man.

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Hey thanx guys


yeah i figured i should just ask her out to coffee and see how she reacts... so i txted her on thursday night and asked if she wanted to. well this is what went down, she said yes (real ensthusiastically) and it was pretty cool. i thinks she kinda likes to keep it a secret sorta thing tho cos we're real low key in class, and she didn't tell her friends what we're up to when they spotted us leaving after. but we were sitting in the coffee shop and when she took off her plain jacket i spotted her wearing a dress... and she had earings on so i think she made an effort we talked for ages and she even forgot to have lunch (she was going to go home for lunch)! and she reckoned that we should do it more cos she had fun what do you guys think?

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