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is pre-cum really that dangerous?


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i asked this before, but i just cant get my piece of mind...

every website i go to gives different information.


I went inside a girl for about 5 seconds max. I pulled out right after that after i realised.I know it was a stupid thing to do. She just finished her period 2 days before that happened. I didnt ejaculate.


I asked this before on this forum , maybe i can get more opinions. .. im just so worried,,,

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winky, I had the "pull out" method with my ex-gf for the first two months and she never got pregnant. I think I was just lucky, but precum is definitely a risk. It is not a "high" risk like cumming in her would be, but you can definitely get her preggers that way.

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It is most definitely not worth the risk. Remember, it just takes one sperm to impregnate an egg.


While I admit to having sex without a condom and using the pull out method, I wouldn't recommend it. I'm guessing that sometimes pre-cum is going to be more potent with sperm than other times, but how are you supposed to know when you have more cum in your pre-cum or less? I don't think it would be a consistent amount.


It's just not worth worrying about. I'm sure you could probably do this if the girl was on birth control, but I would wear a rubber always.

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you said 2 days after her period, well there might be some hope left for your foolish decision. lol shes most likely not even ovulating yet. most girls/women start ovulating like 7-11 days after there period i tihnk, but its different for everyone. you should be ok just smarten up for next time.

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Over time 20% of women will become pregnant from using the withdrawal method. So that means that the risks from one specific sexual episode are low. But they are NOT zero. A pregnancy can occur from pre-cum. It happens.


Use protection. You don't want to be one of those 20%.

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Its not very likely. Especially if your boyfriend wore a condom the entire time. I'd give your period a few more days. Sometimes they aren't very regular, especially when you are young. If in another few days you still don't have a period, then get a pregnancy test from the drugstore and see what it tells you.

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It should be. Most pregnancy test kits say they are accurate on the first day of a missed period (though I think thats exaggerating a bit). But if you are 5 days late thats fairly late.


Go ahead and test if it gives you some peace of mind. It certainly won't do you any harm.

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The chances are small, but they still exist, and people get pregnant from the stupid "pull out" method. Its disturbing how many people actually do it


And like Avman said *playgirl*, I highly doubt u will be pregnant if 1)Had a condom 2) didnt properly ejaculate while in you 3) recent period. Its just a delayed period.

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