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I think I've entered the angry phase...

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I HATE him so much! SO MUCH!


Leave me? Leave ME?!? Why would anyone leave me? I got charm, I got style, I got brains and I got the legs to match, baby!


And when you run into me in a bar and can't even waddle your squat butt over to say hello, you're a coward. A low, dirty coward. You stay on your side of the bar with your ugly skank ex-boyfriend, I don't ever want to hear from you again. And you just watch me dance knowing how good you had it. I'm the most loving, loyal, sincere guy that everyone says doesn't exist anymore. And oh yeah, I am so much hotter than you. And you can't do any better. You never appreciated me, and you NEVER deserved me.


We are the hot ones everyone. WE are. Our ex's -- all of them -- missed out. They'll all regret it. We gave them our vulnerability and they abused it. No one has the right to hurt us. And anyone who does is not worthy of another tear, another phone call, another word. They're beneath us. I'm finished crying. Dave MAD!



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