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How do I calm my nerves?

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In 6hrs I will be going to my work dinner, my ex will be there and I am completely beside myself. I want to pull out and not go, but that will disappoint alot of my collegues.


I just want to vomit. Everything is going around and around in my head. I still have strong feelings for him, he is polite and friendly too me. But if I am to be honest I want, what he doesn't. He thinks nothing of friendly chat, wheras it rips my heart out.


How can I act cool and relaxed tonight, when I am a complete mess inside?

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You're really that nervous and sick about it? Don't go. I would make up an excuse to your co-workers and lie, say something came up with your health, your family. It's not like this is something that is MANDATORY.


Life is too short to force yourself to go to things just to suck up to the people around you (especially since they have no say in you being fired or your salary). I also don't think you should force yourself to go to events with your ex since you're in so much pain.


Don't go.

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